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By Nabeel Azar, COO, Verisk Retail

Nearly all of us will have to travel sometime during our work. While we’ll have a lot on our minds, from making sure to pack everything (don’t forget the toothpaste!) to having our presentation...

By Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Asia

In a few short years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been thrust into the limelight – elevating itself from a far-fetched, science-fiction topic to one that is...

By Travis Howard, Legislative Liaison, US Navy

Just this past Thursday a ransomware attack crippled computer networks throughout the city government of Atlanta. Over 8,000 users were...

By Yegor Bugayenko, CEO, Zerocracy

How efficient is your current software project, and could it potentially benefit from the addition of a software architect? More importantly, what exactly...

By Bernard Marr, Founder & CEO, Bernard Marr & Co

GE, the company that brought electric lighting and machinery into homes and businesses, has been at the forefront of innovation for over a century,...

By Jerry Cuomo, VP, IBM

By now, most of you have heard about blockchain and its impact on business networks. As we speak, we see that it is disrupting industries and enhancing...

By Tom Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer at Raytheon

We’ve all witnessed the steady stream of high-profile cyber breaches in the past few years, from the attack on federal personnel records...

By Robin Thurston, Chief Executive Officer, Helix

Late last month, the annual Internet Trends report was released by Mary Meeker of KPCB. For many, including myself, it is considered essential reading.

By Brigham Hyde, CEO, Precision Health AI

How democratizing domain-specific published AI models on top of cloud infrastructure could create a performance-based business model...

By Shelly DeMotte Kramer, Principal Analyst,Founding Partner, Futurum

AI and Healthcare: The Investment Landscape
A recent report from Silicon Valley Bank put numbers to what a glance around the ...

By Peter Diamandis, CO-FOUNDER/VICE-CHAIRMAN , Human Longevity, Inc.

What if we could generate novel molecules to target any disease, overnight, ready for clinical trials?

By Brian Blakley, Founder and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, Cosant Cyber Security.

“It’s in the cloud, so we don’t have to worry about it”
Unfortunately, this an all too common response and attitude I observe many times throughout a security assessment engagement.

By Tracy Monday MCIM, Director, Xeocom Limited.

Hybrid Cloud – An Established Business Service
Everyday without fail journals such as Computer Weekly publish an article or a research piece on Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid IT and Hybrid

By Michael Pavlou, CEO at I-Net communications group PLC.

You can access better resources by being anywhere with great features.
One of the core benefits of utilising any Cloud service is accessibility anywhere...

By M. Ali Syed, Head of Cloud & Chief Architect, EMEA, Virtusa.

The simplest cloud adoption would be using a single public cloud platform. But, life is rarely this simple, specially with the large enterprises.

By Todd Hildebrant, Senior Director, Oracle.

The May 2018 article from asserts that in order to determine a company's commitment to their cloud platform...

By Christine Couch, PMP, CISM

In an interview with Federal News Radio, Janice Haith, the recently retired Deputy Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Navy, revealed that the next step...

By SramanaMitra, Founder & CEO, One Million by One Million (1Mby1M).

When SatyaNadella took over as the CEO of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), he had defined his focus on emerging technologies, especially focus on...

By SeshailKaman, Principal Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited.

Me and my daughter have a special language. I try to build alternate and different sounding phrases for the common activities. This is not mother tongue...

By Dougles Chan, Founder, The Recruitment Guru.

Television, newspapers, and online media are full of advertising promoting the benefits of the cloud.

By Brandon Curry, Senior VP Solutions & Service Delivery, NTT America.

Cloud computing, in both public and private mode, has become the new enterprise standard. At the same time, enterprises are continuing...

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