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Never give up; failures pave the way to new paths

It's no secret that, as a society, we are consuming more content, from remote working situations to connecting with people around the globe. Personal usage has increased with the world being in lockdown and relying on digital stimulation with entertainment on our TVs and apps to stay connected and share. Businesses also started using more content sources and trying to figure out ways to consolidate multiple input data to showcase in an efficient matter to be able to make better decisions faster.

That's where RGB Spectrum comes in. We offer integrated hardware and software for video processing. What's that mean to you? We are the power behind the pixels. The system that brings in multiple content streams to consolidate them onto one big video wall or on a single- or dual-monitor setup. "Our expansive portfolio includes video wall processors, multiviewers, encoders, decoders, matrix switches, extenders, and integrated solutions for mission-critical operations," says RGB Spectrum's COO, Scott Norder.

As a leading-edge technology designer and manufacturer for over 30 years, we deliver visualization solutions for commercial applications, government entities, and military deployments. RGB Spectrum has built a reputation on reliable and innovative technology, which gives customers a full view of operations in a digital format.

Enough about the company, let's get to know the man responsible for daily operations and ongoing strategy at RGB Spectrum. Meet Scott Norder, the Chief Operating Officer. He is the co-worker we all want, the leader we hope to be someday, the partner who will stand next to you. Scott is always willing to take risks on new ideas. He is a problem solver and knows how to leverage his team's best insights while finding ways to learn anew from any failures. His leadership exudes motivation that the company looks to keep doing what it needs to do to be successful.

"Dedication to customer success plays a key role in our continued market leadership," says Scott. RGB is a market leader in wall processors, multiviewers, and Video-over-IP by its products' feature sets. The team works well on projects to get better pricing, improve features, and shorten cycle times.

Our partners and customers are part of our extended team, and the staff is empowered to make improvements by listening to customers. Smaller companies can listen to ideas and course-correct; we're a family, adds Scott. At each meeting, we debate and get input on how to improve our competitive advantage. Every person has a place at the table, and no idea is a bad idea. Some can even lead to more ideas and become the next "it" product. What makes this company stand out is its ability to help its employees be more creative. We're not scared to fund new concepts. Scott tells others to take an active role in continuous improvement by giving great coaching that helps every employee reach their goals.

Scott has led the introduction and deployment of a new ERP system, EDI with RGB's partners, CRM software, marketing automation software, lead tracking and scoring technology, design automation, and remote diagnostics. As a green/sustainability champion in the company and the industry, he helps RGB enhance product, packaging, service, and lifecycle to reduce its environmental effect. They enable enterprises to present visual content to comprehend data better and act in real-time.

For some of our customer highlights, we most recently worked with the San Francisco Police Department to upgrade their Department Operations Center to improve situational awareness and tactical decision-making, adds Scott. We also installed a next-generation video wall at the Mary K. Giordano Regional Transit Center in Torrance, California. Finally, RGB Spectrum has worked with Lockheed Martin for a long time on F35 Simulators, which are Full Mission Simulators for the F35 Simulators Joint Strike Fighter plane.

RGB develops employee leadership and initiative by delegating decision-making to people directly involved in the organization's concerns. Technical services workers evaluate client problems and design solutions; product management defines future goods, and production teams use 5S to restructure workflows and workspaces.

Display technologies are getting better and more affordable. That drives the need for more processing power behind those displays in public and private spaces. The integration of IT into AV technologies improves ease of implementation and scalability. Many organizations today require this ability to get an overall picture of what's happening. Real-time intelligence can help to prepare for risks and ensure efficiency.

Innovation takes time, and testing ideas and products are essential to success. "Patience is a virtue" is the hardest lesson in life and key for entrepreneurs. Many expect immediate results and give up easily. Scott says you should be your own best salesperson and always talk about your product or service with passion.

Scott is also an avid reader working to understand the inner workings of life. He loves to travel with family and friends. He is also a loving husband and father, lives in California's bay area, and spends his free time creating new dishes from his love of cuisine.

Many will share opinions with you, keep focused on your idea, advises Scott. Also, when one door opens to you, be sure to run through that door. Be aggressive with your success and true to your talent. If something doesn't work, recognize that, pivot, and move on to the next opportunity. Never give up!


RGB Spectrum


Scott Norder
RGB Spectrum


Founded in 1987, we are a stable, independent, and privately-held company centrally located in the innovative and dynamic San Francisco Bay Area. The seasoned management lineup at RGB Spectrum includes executives with comprehensive experience in AV markets and technologies as well as long-standing relationships with highly-respected integrators around the world. Our AV-over-IP video solutions represent the state of the art in open and versatile video distribution over WANs, LANs and mobile networks, addressing customer demands and leveraging our expertise in streaming media, networking and security.

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