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By Ayden Ye, CEO & Co-Founder, VeeR VR.

Virtual reality has been gaining a lot of ground on many different aspects of our everyday lives. One the things we have kept hearing for years is that...

By Anjli Jain, Managing Partners, EVC Ventures.

I recently came across a news which says, the global market for blockchain was at $708 million in 2017 which is anticipated to reach $60.7 billion in 2024.

By Adarsh Sudhindra, Founder & CEO, enhanzED Education.

We live in a Technology Saturated World, a world in which all of us, people of all ages, all walks of life encounter technology in one way or other in our daily lives.

By Jose Sevilla, MBA, P. Eng, CIO, Sevenfold Vertical Solutions

What the future holds for our kids
An article published by Harvard Business Review (Automation Will Make Lifelong...

By Jeff Gilley, AVP, North Highland

The move towards digital transformation in Energy and Chemicals that is driving convergence between information technology and operations technology...

By James Spear, Global Head of Cyber and Information Security, NP Group

Every day we read new articles about the latest cyber security threat or hacking, affecting the most well-known brands in the world.

By Michael Skok, Founding Partner, Underscore VC

We own Bitcoin. We’ve participated in ICOs. We believe in Blockchain. Yet we also believe that the crazy boom will have a bust. When it does, we think...

By Alexandre Roure, Senior Public Policy Manager, Computer & Communications Industry Association

Europe can minimize and prevent repeats of WannaCry, Heartbleed and other criminal exploitation of large-scale software vulnerabilities.

By Girard Healy, MD, Accenture

If you think the cost of doing business is rising, here’s another element to consider. Only this one does not come about by market forces...

By Ravi Mhatre, Founder, MD, Lightspeed Venture Partners

At Lightspeed, we believe in investing in people as much as in companies. So as we got to know Zscaler’s Jay Chaudry over the years, we knew...

By Russell Ray, Chairman, POWER-GEN International

While thousands of cyberattacks launched against U.S. power plants and distribution systems have not yielded a meaningful disruption in power...

By Robi Karp, CEO, Fluffy Spider Technologies

As applications expand, IoT devices are becoming integrated into nearly every home, device, and organization. It is projected that by 2023, the total quantity...

By Kevin Hill, Online Marketing Manager, Quality Scales Unlimited

Digital technologies can be implemented in every organization and reap many benefits. The manufacturing industry is no different.

By Deepu Bhat, Content Writer & Editor, Fortune Business Insights

Technology is evolving rapidly across all sectors. In the healthcare industry, technology has made a huge impact with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics among others.

By Karoline Gore

Pollution makes us sick. 7 million people die each year from the effects of air pollution. One third of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke deaths are due to air pollution, according to the WHO (World Health Organization).

By Megan R. Nichols, Freelance Technical Writer

For all their disruptive potential — and there’s a lot of it — Industry 4.0, the IoT and smart factories also raise the potential for some very real security concerns.

By Karoline Gore

Americans aren't doing well when it comes to saving for retirement. The majority of people close to retirement have just...

A Guide To Valuing Equity In SaaS Sales Compensation
By Kerry Bowden, Global Content & Analytics Recruitment Director, Adaptive Business Group

Commissions and bonuses aren’t the only way sales people earn serious money in the software industry - with so many new market entrants launching in the SaaS space, many companies offer some form of equity as a way to attract top talent.

Why PLM consultants are questioning new tools and asking about cloud exit strategy?
By Christian Serge Nelson, Director of Photography, creativity, Condition One

We're now immersed into the world of VR. New acronyms seem to come online almost daily. Companies change their strategies every time a new VR headset (HMD) is offered. And trying to distinguish...

Emiliano Del Fiume
By Emiliano Del Fiume, Client Executive, Unisys

Organisations are concerned about risks of 'vendor lock-in'. Fears are rooted in mainframe era when capex on a specific technology usually drove customers to marry one supplier for...

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