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Caring triumphs over inequity

Keith Larson, CFO/CBO at AllHealth Network, is a leader with excellent problem-solving skills and experience. He engages with staff, stands up for his values and beliefs. For many years, Keith has been a mentor for many people coming from many social classes.

"We are a safety net provider with clients that have low acuity to clients with severe mental illness, substance use issues, and suicide ideation," says Keith. With 500 employees, AllHealth Network is a nonprofit mental health organization providing counseling, psychiatry, crisis services, substance use treatment, and more to 20,000 clients a year. We have been voted as a top place to work for the past 4 years by the Denver Post newspaper.

Our mission is to nurture growth and recovery through care. We build trust by understanding, empathy, and kindness while being mindful of judgment. We provide a meaningful experience by holding ourselves accountable for keeping clients at the center. We value compassion, care, and connection.

We use an Energy Grid to make sure we are driving the organization towards our vision. We work to create a safe environment for everyone's mental health. Our goal is that at least 80% of the staff will be more likely to follow the rules for engagement through rounding documentation.

Keith says, we design LDIs to focus on skill-building leadership skills that fit leaders' needs, allow adequate time for interpersonal connection development between leaders, and complete annual appraisals of performance with all employees. DEI training plans foster all staff engagement. We make sure that our employees are informed about crucial decisions, their views are encouraged, and they feel appreciated. When diverse departments work together, they perform their best work.

During COVID, we went from 5% to 95% telehealth, and have now settled at 60-70%. For meetings, we now use Zoom and TEAMS. We have installed state-of-the-art EHR, finance, and HR systems. We link the systems together in a central database and use Power BI dashboards to show the information.

Keith explains how they see their work transforming lives:

• A crisis walk service is available around-the-clock for people of any age who are having a mental health emergency.

• For adults (aged 18 and older), the Residential Crisis Stabilization Unit offers short-term care (3-5 days), counselling, psychiatric services, skill development, case management, and peer support.

• There are locked inpatient facilities for adults on a mental health hold or voluntarily admitted, and we have an acute treatment unit.

• First-episode psychosis services for people aged 15–25 include community-based case management, counselling, family counselling, medication services, and peer support.

• Individual and family counseling, case management, therapy with animals, counselling at school, and psychiatric care are all part of the youth and family services that are available in the community for children and teens ages 0 to 17.

• Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment for 15+

• We have the following options for those over the age of 18:

* Outpatient Counseling in the Past

* Drop-in Center

* Community-Based Case Management

* Supported Employment for Individuals with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness

* Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Depression and Severe and Persistent Mental Illness

In the future, AllHealth will help more clients. At times, we have to turn away 100 customers in a month due to insufficient space. Individuals are seeking assistance without feeling ashamed of it now that mental health is less stigmatized. 25–40% that need support seek assistance now for mental health issues.

Our organization's leadership includes people of color throughout the organization. We recognize structural inequities and acknowledge that we must dismantle oppressive systems. We'll do this through fostering an inclusive work atmosphere and culturally aware care.

AllHealth Network will design a health equity plan that involves the collecting of demographic and social determinants of health data and the use of the data to influence program and development strategies, hiring, and training.

Keith was TIE's Colorado president and worldwide board member. He advises entrepreneurs surrounding oneself with quality people and being wary of those from whom you take money because their motives may not coincide. He recommends the MVP concept to test your idea before investing too much time and money. You may have to pivot and avoid wasting time and money. Entrepreneurs need to work hard and get to the market quickly, as being first may make you a winner. Startups pitch numerous times before being funded, so don't give up. Keith was just elected as the president elect of the Colorado Medical Group Management Association (An association of over 600 Colorado Mental and Physical Health Providers.)

We pride ourselves on being a compassionate and data-driven organization and provider, with over 60% of our clients being Medicaid funded. We are focused on the social determinants of health and DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). We specialize in high-acuity clients and offer a continuum of care.


AllHealth Network


Keith Larson
AllHealth Network


AllHealth Network is a non-profit healthcare organization providing a full spectrum of behavioral healthcare to more than 18,000 children, adults, families and couples in 11 unique settings. Behavioral health services include counseling, psychiatry, crisis services, substance use treatment, an adult acute treatment unit, services within and for the criminal justice system (including law enforcement partners), vocational and social rehabilitation, school-based counseling and an on-site pharmacy.

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