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Saurabh Shah
Co-Founder of InstaLend

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“Tech-enabled Lender ”

Saurabh Shah is a natural leader who has transformed the business at InstaLend and scaled it organically. He has been published in leading publications such as Forbes and Inc. magazine. Saurabh is frequently invited to speak about his expertise in real estate and entrepreneurial journey on industry-leading podcasts, such as:

• The Best Ever Podcast

• Fidelman & Company Podcast

• Real Estate 360 PodcastUnlocking Wealth Podcast

• RealAtom Podcast

• The MORE Podcast

• Discovering Multifamily Podcast

• The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

• Mission Matters Podcast

Saurabh is a member of the following industry-leading organizations for real estate professionals and technology entrepreneurs:

• American Association of Private Lenders

• Forbes Real Estate Tech Council

• Forbes Business Council

• Young Entrepreneur Council

Thanks to his leadership talents, InstaLend has scaled its loan operations countrywide and is now a tech-enabled lender. Saurabh has gone across the country to meet with real estate developers, gain a better understanding of their growth goals, and tailor loan solutions at InstaLend to match their needs. Saurabh's internet lending real estate services and practices have enabled real estate entrepreneurs and property flippers to develop and restore properties in communities, changing and improving neighborhood attitudes while raising market value. His online lending real estate business and technology, help fund low-income real estate investors, increase equity for these local homeowners and real estate investors and provide these families with tenancy at market rates.

Saurabh has acquired some key leadership skills from leading InstaLend to a national scale over the last five years, which he can use in his day-to-day life and business operations. He understands that every challenge is an opportunity to improve. While there may be difficulties, it is important to remember not to sweat the small stuff since it is all minor stuff. Finally, maintaining a work-life balance is critical for conserving energy and avoiding burnout.

InstaLend is a tech-enabled lender for real estate loans, providing fast, affordable, and convenient capital to residential real estate developers. As a non-bank real estate lender, they furnish 12-to 24-month short-term loans on single-family and small multifamily properties for acquisition and rehab. They also provide 30-year long-term loans on stabilized rented properties.

Manual workflow, payments, and reporting are all streamlined and automated by the company's technology. With the exit products it has structured, InstaLend is creating an environment of value creation for loans originated through its website. This ecosystem does not currently exist in any other way inside the hard money lending sector. When a borrower (real estate developer) completes a renovation, InstaLend allows the borrower to refinance the property into a long-term rental loan, an innovative offering that allows real estate entrepreneurs to take advantage of the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) investment strategy. Although InstaLend's quantitative success can be assessed in terms of the dollars and cents it has earned for borrowers, the actual success in InstaLend is the outstanding business system—the model itself and what this signifies for the online lending industry—as evidenced by the charts that show growth through huge demand for more investment options.

InstaLend is one of the few lending companies that has transitioned all of its lending operations online. They have built workflows to reduce processing turnaround for loans they work on successfully. Presently, the company is working on rolling out their vacation rental loan products, which will be an extremely beneficial resource for real estate developers who want to AirBnB their properties instead of getting a tenant with a lease. Today, these developers find it extremely challenging to qualify for a loan against their Airbnb property, so we are confident our new loan product will help them get further liquidity," adds Saurabh.




Saurabh Shah
Co-Founder of InstaLend


"InstaLend is a tech-enabled lender for real estate loans providing fast, affordable and convenient capital to residential real estate developers. As a non-bank real estate lender, we provide 12-24 month short-term loans on single-family and small multifamily properties for acquisition and rehab. We also provide 30 year long term loans on stabilized rented properties. Our technology streamlines and automates manual workflow, payments and reporting."

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