Dr. Mahmoud Kamel
Chairman and CEO

The Arm to Eliminate Unemployment & Combat Terrorism

Dr. Mahmoud Kamel, the Chairman and CEO of AIC (Al-Maalim international company) has culminated into one of the leading entrepreneurs owing to his leadership prowess in providing advanced and applied solutions for ID card printing technology, access control, access automation, X-Ray and security systems. Kamel plays an important role in maintaining the entity of the company with a certified team to be at the forefront of specialized organizations in this field. He also succeeded in pushing the company forward, taking advantage of his experience in the market, and increasing the size of participation in the market, achieving unprecedented growth in a few years.

" AIC have concrete business plans to improve the existing access control industry through number of well-thought-out topics helping the country and local market to have better position in the future. "

"AIC" under Kamel’s leadership—close to a decade—succeeded in reducing the import from abroad and the exit of foreign currencies outside Egypt, in addition to the possibility of exporting to the Arab region and the Middle East and Africa. Kamel possesses excellent interpersonal skills accompanied with the ability to relate effectively to a multitude of individuals on all levels of intellect. His work ethic is founded on a 'what-ever-it-takes' attitude and diligent persistence to ensure all projects and assignments are completely fulfilled to the utmost. Over the years, he has made major contributions on behalf of all his business partners.

With numerous years of software design and development experience, AIC team of experts delivers custom software solutions for a variety of vertical markets in both the private and public sectors. From suggestion to implementation, AIC provides a range of focused industry software applications for client, server, and web-based systems. The company also reviews a number of the latest technologies, solutions, security and defense solutions, and the use of modern means of combating terrorism. AIC also reviews the advanced services and technologies used in the fields of issuing and printing smart cards, electronic gates, X-Ray, road-blockers, bollards, detection, barriers and security barriers, the security of buildings and commercial centers, population areas and streets.

The company operates in four major sectors, the first of which is the issuance and printing of cards, namely ID cards, bank cards, ID cards, membership cards, as exclusive agents Evolis French company. The company also works in the field of access control and surveillance systems through control panel, biometric and card reader, surveillance cameras and photo and video storage systems. The second sector is the systems for attendance, exit and access control of entry and exit times and card reading systems. The third sector is the electronic gates, security devices, entry and exit gates, sliding gates and doors operators, garage and barrier management systems and roadblocks such as Road Blocker, Tire Killer, Barriers, Turnstile, Bollard and motors for glass and iron gates, also the US company 3xLOGIC, which has integrated solutions for advanced surveillance cameras and systems Control Micro Controller, in addition to the French company Videofied and wireless alarm systems abroad and at home, the company is also working with the French company operating in the STID and control systems remotely for a distance of up to 100 meters. The fourth sector is detection, X-Ray and under vehicle scanning system, mail & parcel inspection, metal detection, explosive &narcotics detector and baggage freight.

Indeed, "AIC" have concrete business plans to improve the existing access control industry through number of well-thought-out topics helping the country and local market to have better position in the future. "AIC" is already underway of building a factory for encrypted ID cards and plastic cards as well signing MOU with number of world leaders and international producers to manufacture turnstile and tripod automatic gates in addition to assembling ID card printers.


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Dr. Mahmoud Kamel, Chairman & CEO


AIC main objective is to build innovative solutions and provide unique quality of services to all customers.

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