Trevor Silver

Deriving actionable intelligence from massive data processing

Trevor Silver has played a major role in Exusia's transition and evolution from supporting a few large cornerstone clients to being able to support several different clients while dealing with both personal and competitive adversity. “After its incorporation, Exusia rapidly grew from 2012 to 2016 to become the 2nd fastest growing IT Services Company in the United States. We entered the market with cutting edge techniques and software that we used to help our fortune 100 clients monetize their data,” says Trevor, the CEO of Exusia. “Our team, built systems that are specialized in analyzing massive amounts of information in order to make rapid decisions, in many cases in less than a few milliseconds. These solutions helped high net worth individuals receive more targeted products and services, banks and lenders make better decisions around credit and investments and pharmacy clinicians make better decisions around patients and providers.”

" Whether it is building a data lake, data governance platform, big data analytics environment, data warehouse, operational data store or data mart, ProvX can significant reduce complexity and the time to market associated to realizing your business goals. "

Today, Exusia has culminated into a multinational, delivery centric firm that provides consulting and software as a service (SaaS) solutions to organizations facing the largest data volumes and the most complex information management requirements. Although he faced numerous challenges and hardships, both personal and professional along the way, Trevor still maintained his calm, trusted the process and further increased his dedication and focus towards Exusia's mission of changing the world through the innovative use of information. “Now, here in 2019, as the CEO of Exusia I have been working countless hours with clients and employees around the globe to increase the firms’ capabilities, while optimizing internal processes and procedures,” adds the steadfast leader. Exusia is now also not only working in healthcare and financial sectors but we are introducing innovative solutions and analytics into supply chain, telecommunications, consumer products and the food industry.

According to Trevor, data is growing at an unprecedented, rapid rate globally, and it is estimated that by 2020 that 1.7 MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth. The challenge is taking data from its rawest forms (mobile, social media, sales, activity, etc.), structured or unstructured and converting it into actionable information, insights and services that can support and empower core company initiatives and goals who need to make rapid, informed decisions. This is where Exusia comes in, Exusia's offerings including “Provisioning Exchange” (ProvX) focus exclusively on bridging the gap in data engineering, enabling its global clients to consume, process and action massive data volumes at accelerated rates while at very manageable costs. “Whether it is building a data lake, data governance platform, big data analytics environment, data warehouse, operational data store or data mart, ProvX can significant reduce complexity and the time to market associated to realizing your business goals,” says Trevor.

Exusia's client engagements primarily target high return on investment initiatives that center on opening up new revenue opportunities for clients by monetizing the data they have by realizing data centric synergies using predictive or prescriptive algorithms, machine learning and now even artificial intelligence.

Exusia's experience and expertise has expanded from Start-ups to the Fortune 50 across global industries from Financial Services to now Healthcare, Telecommunications, Supply Chain and High Technology. Along the way, Trevor and the team at Exusia have observed many common challenges, patterns and themes while successfully designing and implementing reusable core frameworks and services. “At the end of the day, data is data and we believe that our experience in implementing enterprise scale, elastic, low latency applications can be the foundation for the right strategy which we can utilize to help our clients accelerate their objectives thru our IP and global technical execution capacity.” says Trevor.

With the rise of recent industry regulations like GDPR, and industry centric regulations like Basel, BCBS 239 and HIPPA, Exusia is also now seeing huge opportunities to support clients in putting more policies, processes and controls around their enterprise data. Exusia is using a combination of 4GL software and intellectual property to help clients perform data discovery, identify systems of records, track data lineage and quality levels from origination to usage and design and implement processes in support of data ownership and stewardship functions. “We want to offer our clients practical solutions in support of their Data Governance initiatives to not only promote innovation using data but to keep our clients ahead of industry compliance requirements; all at a reasonable cost,” says Trevor..




Trevor Silver, CEO


Exusia is a global technology consulting company that empowers its clients to gain a competitive edge by accelerating business objectives and providing solutions in data management and analytics.

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