Kamran Jinnah, CEO

Assisting Federal Govt. towards Productivity

Technology moving at the speed of thought” is a mission followed by Synaptek Corporation—a 8(a) certified small disadvantaged business (SDB)—fulfilling the need to nimbly utilize the best that information technology offers to meet the business needs of the US Federal Government. Founded by former management professionals from Large Systems Integrators (LSI). Synaptek’s focus is on the US defense and civilian federal market and their goal is to provide quality technical professionals that are required for enterprise solutions. Synaptek understands both the pace of technology today and the need to have a comprehensive well-planned information management environment. Synaptek plays an integral part in large enterprise projects such as the Department of Veteran Affairs Wireless and Location Base Services Initiative and the Department of Defense Pentagon’s Defense Continuity Integrated Network (DCIN). The company has proven its ability to provide a unique service that combines the infrastructure and process models of larger organizations with an agile ability to cost effectively meet customer’s requirements.

“We were named to the prestigious Washington Technology 2014 Fast 50 list and are proud of this recognition, having secured a position on this list in 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017,” says Kamran Jinnah, CEO of Synaptek. The company implements state of the art solutions from leading Original Equipment Manufacturer including Cisco, VMware, Dell, Hewlett Packard, EMC, and NetApp. A valuable Synaptek differentiator is their close working relationships with the Original Equipment Manufacture engineers. Synaptek has supported complex applications in the government administrative, healthcare and financial areas.

Synaptek is familiar with current trends in the US Federal market space to consolidate data centers and implement a “cloud first” approach. They understand the specific technologies involved in implementing strategies to meet these challenges and have invested in preparation. The federal IT market is very large and beyond the resources of Synaptek to effectively market and establish brand recognition as a whole. To that effect, they have identified three sub-market areas (agencies) as initial first tier target areas. “Our goal has shifted from expanding our relationship with large system integrators (as prospective prime or subcontractors), to the pursuit and realization of prime contract vehicles and awards,” adds Kamran.

"What we so often see with our customer’s is that the mission or operational needs always take priority over modernization "

Synaptek has successfully embedded modernization teams with its customers. Modernization teams are responsible for carrying a customer’s mission into the future. “What we so often see with our customer’s is that the mission or operational needs always take priority over modernization,” explains Kamran. “For this reason, we have been very successful with creating modernization teams whose purpose is to look forward, blue print, and plan a technology path forward. ”Synaptek has designed and deployed over 137 Million square feet of wireless in the most demanding Defense, Civilian, and Medical government facilities. Even the large system integrators space engage Synaptek for these services as wireless technology deployments are Synaptek’s trojan technology because wireless touches virtually every aspect of a customer’s mission.

The company believes Synaptek’s growth potential for 2018 and beyond looks very promising as they have a substantial number of programs which are currently in source selection. Synaptek knows that the US Federal Government market is highly competitive, however the principals of Synaptek have a proven record of success competing at the highest levels within this market space. “Synaptek is poised for growth having invested in personnel, infrastructure, and marketing. Our focus is on broad IT mission support; however, our trojans are wireless, cloud, and security – hot buttons for almost every shop we talk with. We are excited about 2018 and believe it will be our best year yet,” adds Kamran.


Synaptek Corporation


Kamran Jinnah


Synaptek Corporation provides it and other technical services to federal government agencies as a prime contractor through system integration partners.

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