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A Complete IT Solutions Provider

Boston-based Terminal has gained a special place in the hearts of its customers. The company has been a pioneer in going above and beyond to meet the specific needs of its customers, stay on top of the ever-changing information technology industry, and keep an eye on the future of IT.

According to Terminal president, G.P. Ganapathi, “Our business has operated continuously since 1985. We originally served Metro Boston as Terminal Exchange Systems, providing Digital VT100 terminals to academic institutions like Boston University. Today, Terminal is proud to offer your business complete IT coverage by serving as a fully certified service and support center, including warranty repair.”

Terminal may be Boston’s “best kept secret” in small and medium business IT. With decades of experience in the Boston area, the company prides itself in providing the best possible IT services for customers.

The major difference between Terminal and other MSPs is its approach to customer relationships. “We strive to be more than just another contractor for our customers. Instead, we aim to be an extension of our customers’ organizations,” adds Brian St. Marie, Director of Technology Solutions. End users grow to know and rely on their assigned IT staff and Terminal’s executives work with customer executives to foster and direct business IT strategy. “With an average customer relationship age of over 8 years, and some service customers with us for nearly 20 years, this deep organizational integration has proven itself over and over again,” St. Marie affirms.

“ We strive to be more than just another contractor for our customers. Instead, we aim to be an extension of our customers’ organizations. ”

With decades of experience in IT sales and service, Terminal has found the most effective formula for customers is to take on the full role of outsourced IT department, with a fixed budget, predictable cost, and measurable results. By acting as an integrated extension of its customer firms, Terminal has been maximizing return on its technology investments. Terminal provides exceptional IT services and sales to clients by leveraging partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung. Terminal offers complete IT coverage by serving as a fully certified service and support center, offering comprehensive network services, competitive product and hardware pricing, and warranty repair.

Terminal’s MSPlus+ support plan aims to minimize IT disruptions by focusing on proactive, rather than reactive, support. By addressing key areas of system and network maintenance, such as patch management, end-point threat protection, alert management and remediation, and onsite/offsite monitored backups, Terminal ensures the majority of day-to-day problems are eliminated before they even appear. Terminal has a multi-layer approach to protecting and preserving customer data. The foundation of any good data protection practice is data backup and business continuity. Terminal leverages an onsite/offsite backup platform to take periodic image-based snapshots of all critical customer resources. These backups are then replicated offsite at least once daily to several secure locations throughout North America.

In the event of a disaster, the most recent backups of any customer resources can be immediately launched as virtual machines either on-premises or in the cloud, using the most recent backups of that resource. To minimize the risk of critical hardware failures, Terminal actively monitors hardware status throughout a network, leveraging SMART technologies and other early warning technologies. Advanced warning allows hardware to be proactively replaced prior to failure. Terminal also leverages Intel’s vPro technology and HP’s ILO technology to remotely connect directly to the hardware of systems for in-depth hardware troubleshooting without requiring an onsite visit.

On top of this, Terminal implements several internally developed security policies and management processes that limit the risk of end users accidentally triggering ransomware or malware on the network. This includes email policies, desktop policies, and content management policies. As a last line of defense, Terminal utilizes security products that will block ransomware from activating even if an infected system does come into contact with the network.

As an example of Terminal’s work, a multi-state storage firm that stored its own files and data locally was unable to access data from other offices with remote connections that were slow and unreliable. Terminal partnered with the storage company to design a new network solution that enabled access to files and data across locations, backed up all data, and transitioned to a service plan providing proactive network management. The key component was Microsoft’s DFS Replication. As a result, the storage company saved costs by subscribing to MSPlus+, Terminal’s managed services plan.

Today, Terminal continues to heavily focus on Microsoft cloud products, such as Office 365, Azure, and Microsoft 365, and will be expanding its cloud-based VDI product offerings and other cloud-based identity management systems. “We are now at a turning point where we believe we’ve ‘cracked the code’ to successful and cost-effective managed services and are turning our attention toward growing our customer base,” concludes St. Marie.




G.P. Ganapathi


Terminal is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Datto Elite Partner, Cisco-Certified Small Business Specialist, OpenDNS, and Monnit partner, and an authorized warranty repair center for HP, Lenovo, and Brother.

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