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William Thatcher
President, and Principal Financial Advisor
Thatcher Wealth Management

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Strive to achieve the goal in a changing world

Experience the transformative power of Thatcher Wealth Management with their visionary leader, William Thatcher, as president and principal financial advisor. Their staff is committed to helping people have the best possible retirements for themselves and their family.

William has had the privilege of working with highly competent managers in the past and possesses a remarkable aptitude for establishing trust among his subordinates. The management of a group of individuals is significantly influenced by this crucial factor. In his view, an individual's approach to management can be characterized as a combination of servant leadership and coaching styles. He places a high value on attending to the needs of the team and demonstrates a preference for emphasizing personal development and overall well-being. Additionally, he endeavours to prioritize the enhancement of their skills and capabilities. He believes that individualized mentorship and constructive feedback play a pivotal role in fostering the growth and development of teams.

For any leader, William suggests "analyzing, prioritizing, and executing." As one gets busier, managing various projects and deadlines becomes essential. An efficient task database helps get a lot done. This system allowed William’s last company to win a state competition for one of the top 10 companies in their segment and continue to drive change with Thatcher Wealth Management (TWM).

One of the ways he creates positive change is with daily team meetings. The individuals discuss ongoing tasks and future plans for the moderate and long term. Throughout the course of the day, he endeavours to periodically assess the progress of their tasks to ensure that no obstacles impede their completion. One method he prefers to enhance morale is by offering public positive feedback . He possesses a natural ability to express words of affirmation, and he uses it to expresses his gratitude within his team.

William acknowledges that differences with co-workers sometime arise and that open and polite communication is essential. To resolve the issue and reach a compromise, it is important to attempt to minimize negative assumptions while communicating your opinions and listening to the team member. He suggests cutting to the chase by concentrating on their tasks and influence on the company. Regarding this, he shares an incident when a team member once said something unprofessional, and although William told them it wasn't suitable, they answered in a way that suggested they had missed the message. He now regrets not pressing harder to make sure they had clarity for appropriate conduct going forward.

William also values dependability, communication, adaptability, positivity, and honesty in employees. Moreover, taking ownership, working hard, having a positive attitude, and having a passion for continuous learning are what he anticipates from his star employees. He wants his employees to be aware of their accomplishments. Speaking about their achievements in front of the entire team enables constructive public acclaim. It inspires other team members to step up to the plate as well and embrace continued excellence. Impressions are crucial to this job.

William consistently makes people feel comfortable and earns their trust, whether he is presenting at an event, meeting with a prospect, or meeting with years-old client. Recently, one of their employees had to take the initiative and assume duties that weren't her own. He publicly thanked her for all of her effort and dedication to the team. She performed with zeal and grace. He depends on consistency and teamwork and believes that if a team member is struggling with something, another team member should step in to assist. If the entire team works together, William believes anything can be accomplished. One must do their part to evolve the entire team.

Planning for retirement can be difficult. William and his team build plans for people in that stage of life. Unfortunately, many are unprepared to have adequate retirement income, as William explains. To enjoy a confident retirement, one usually has to continue managing their funds after retirement. By understanding their tax bracket, the types of taxable income they'll earn, and ways to reduce their tax burden, they may enjoy their hard work without the stress of a huge tax bill. He advises always working with a financial advisor to create a customized plan.

William's abilities to utilize new tools in an ever-changing world of skills and information while forming a cohesive team allows him to care for his clients and continue to grow. He aims to open several more branches for their recognized establishment within six to ten years. This ambitious project will allow them to reach more families in need of their great services.

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Thatcher Wealth Management


William Thatcher
President, and Principal Financial Advisor
Thatcher Wealth Management


A robust financial plan is designed to help clients achieve a successful retirement. William Thatcher, founder, president and wealth advisor of Thatcher Wealth Management, helps his clients create plans tailored to their specific needs.

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