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Timothy Witucki, President of Omada One, says the organization optimizes and operates nearshore/offshore micro technology contact centers, hybrid of work from home and onsite remote staff productivity, efficacy, driving execution and outcomes. Omada One's Customer Experience Management and Outsourced DevOps, Software Development, and Financial and Accounting support services make the company confident in its mission and consumers. Timothy focuses on expanding nearshore and offshore outsourced teams and results-driven businesses.

Leaders should wear rhino thick skin and avoid taking criticism personally, according to Timothy. He's skilled, knowledgeable, team-oriented, and believes in continuous learning even after 25+ years of expertise. He studies native country customs, languages, and cuisine. Timothy is humble, kind, and accessible thought leader. He oversees leadership and onboarding, sponsors, and encourages staff to join business associations, achieve tech and leadership development certifications and courses, and organizes weekly team brainstorm meeting of the minds. His senior team leadership meetings are quick, honest, and never insulting to all involved. They also value teamwork. Timothy thinks most CEOs are tackling workplace issues like the pandemic and COVID-19 and pushing employees to return to work or explore their hybrid strategy. Slackers, disagreeable coworkers, bullies, gossipers, and troublemakers spreading negativity. He advises against bringing work-related worries to the office.

Omada One Employee Boot Camp supports AWS, Microsoft, HubSpot, Sage, and QuickBooks and has started with coaching and method tools and certifications. It uses cutting-edge technologies to detect process gaps, effects, and technological inefficiencies. Tech talks change monthly. The Omada One Coding Zone's developers, engineers, and operators make specialized apps and platforms. Together, Coding Zone's operating staff can build custom tailored software and platforms for our clients that are made just for them.

Omada One builds leaders, and Timothy is optimistic about the company’s future. Customers, workers, vision, teamwork, culture, and service are valued here. He analyzes both short-and long-term goals every day with internal stakeholders. Omada One’s talent and low-cost labor locations strategy give it a competitive edge. His recent 10-year business plan was approved by investors and board, and he always delegates and uses resources wisely. Omada One partners and decides custom staffing price rate models, like many startups and enterprises. "We welcome starting out with 1-2 dedicated remote workers and a 90-day proof of concept pilot," says Timothy. We have strategized for nearshore and offshore outsourcing. CEOs, CFOs, and business leaders are surprised by remote staffing roles' $1M/year cost savings once you hit the certain headcount threshold of roughly 30 FTEs. We develop at the client's speed through piloting, rapid onboarding, and a mutual win. Without a minimum commitment contract of usually 10-15 staff, most outsourcing competitors won't partner or pilot with you.

Omada One increases outcome results-per-headcount by creating independent teams and ongoing hands-on training, onboarding, and process optimization.

Testing the waters with a customer pilot campaign often leads to viable output and solutions. There was one trustworthy internet gaming software company Omada One team helped enter Southeast Asia. The software giant struggled to locate a reliable DevOps JV outsourcing partner. Omada One offers DevOps cloud engineering for Google Cloud, AWS, and AZURE. It also operates, builds, and scales DevOps teams, full-stack developers, coding, and cloud engineers. Agile software development involves regularly testing and releasing functioning increments.

Omada One recently managed a 3-month project where 15 DevOps specialists worked on it. Weekly API gateway and project management coordination and effective UI design occurred without delay. Audit logs, reports, test scripts, and scenarios were verified weekly by the client.

We set up client production team with Project Manager, Full Stack Developers, Front End/Backend Developers, UX/UI Developers, Designers, Engineers, Testers, Business Analysts, Coders, and Infrastructure Leads. The Omada One software client API SEA gateway was built on-time and under budget after using the dedicated Omada DevOps team. Internet gaming software client and Omada One secured a multiyear contract because of our expertise and work ethic, execution, and professionalism. We saved the client $425,000.

Omada One has over 40+ years of experience in outsourcing, accounting, and back-office administration. A well-known Silicon Valley dentist practice, reached out to Omada One for assistance with several personnel challenges and requirements. Employing offshore resources to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming back office support activities is one way to reduce corporate expansion pain. Patient or doctor counselling is limited by compliance work. Omada One helped them hire offshore dedicated workers and cut payroll by 53% in just 90 days. Timothy flew in from Manila to San Francisco to visit the CEO, CFO, and doctors. Omada One team built a strong back-office team and identified accounting errors and back-office operations inefficiencies. We immediately hired 5–10 offshore accountants and operations staff in 21 days. The CEO and Doctor’s at the Dentist Group were very impressed with our results, execution, processes, culture, and amenities.

Dentist Group’s 30-60-90-day AR ageing claims dropped 49% after establishing Omada One financial and accounting team. Omada One also hired data analysts; social media experts, dedicated dental recruiters, and IT support teams in under 90 days. Hence, Omada One today continues to provide the Dentist Group and many others in the US with a successful remote outsourcing model, with proven outcome and results.

In other recent cases, well known global tire manufacturer leader wanted to scale their customer care support coverage and logistics data entry team in Asia and North America without hassle, multi-vendors, and language barriers. Omada One used Filipino and Malaysian freight and logistics staff experts to aid North America and European markets. Six months after deploying our remote teams and digital technology (AI Bot, email, phone, and chat) Client saw significant change increase in satisfaction service levels 19% and reduction in the service support call queues and ticketing ratios decreased, and complaints by 24%, saving the client at least $1.2 million in the first year.

Timothy recommends trying smart outsourcing which will result in reducing your operating expenses by as much as 48% to help your growing startup or enterprise company. 47.5 percent of economists expect a recession next year 2023. Timothy builds and designs e-commerce and high-tech teams for the North America and Asia-Pacific markets.

Timothy: Strategic companies in most industries outsource one way or another. Apple's best and most used products aren't made in Cupertino or North America. Apple’s outsourcing partner Foxconn in Asia makes 98% of all iPhones/Macs. Mr. Jobs truly mastered the art of Apple's marketing and product designs.

Companies like Delta, United, and American airlines aren't plane manufacturers, and commercial airlines don't sell planes or fuel. They all rely on their strategic outsourcing team partners to reach and exceed shareholder value and profit-making quarters. Startups with 1-2 employees or unicorn enterprise chooses to internally build its delivery capacity owning its own assets and managing its own staff, or to outsource this capacity to deliver and execute nearshore or offshore strategy, the ability to get high-performing quality remote team staff outcomes is core to its ability to satisfy, even exceed, clients and stakeholders’ expectations and still add to its profitability. Great solutions should be built, not sold! Omada One is successful at this practice!

Timothy is adept in remote staff outsourcing strategy and go-to-market business solutions, new international territory operations, sales, M&A, turnaround advisory, and market monetization. Timothy is redefining Omada One to DevOps, Back Office Accounting, and Contact Center Sourcing.


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Timothy Witucki
Omada One


One team, one Vision. That’s a belief we have for ourselves, but also the belief we have for our clients. For us, team is everything. It’s our name, our culture, and the foundation of the service we deliver.

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