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Sanjay Hegde
Founder & President
Blue Ring Investors LLC

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Sanjay N. Hegde founded Blue Ring Investors in 2021. The company is always interested in forming new ties with experienced investors. Since high-quality commercial real estate investments offer growth and income, they work with successful real estate acquisition teams, handle investors' money, and find vendors, partners and advisers as they explore new areas.

Sanjay Hegde is Founder and President of Blue Ring Investors LLC and brings to the company more than 15 years’ experience establishing customer relationships and managing multimillion-dollar corporate accounts for companies in the U.S. and abroad.

Sanjay emigrated from India to the U.S. in 2001. He has a pharmacy degree from India, but he was not licensed to practice in the US. He worked as a production supervisor, a regional sales rep, a sales manager, a director of sales for the Americas and Asia, and a competitor's VP of sales and marketing. Initially, Sanjay earned $7.25 per hour and now manages more than $200 million in revenue. When his son had an accident while he was on business travel, he decided to start his own firm. In 2016, he actively and passively invested in single-family and storage houses while deciding what business to launch. He noticed he was making money with his passive investments but not with his active single-family investments. This sparked his interest in multifamily rental apartments, so he worked with a mentor to learn about syndication and multifamily investing.

Investors are our lifeblood, and having a consistent flow of investors and finding the right opportunities for them to invest in is where we spend most of our time, says Sanjay. To keep it seamless, it is important that we have a strong customer base and a strong internal process.

Sanjay helps people invest in real estate to build wealth and reduce taxes. They focus on multifamily, senior housing, and self-storage. Everyone contributes to our success and is a partner in multifamily investment, regardless of role. When compared to stocks and bonds, passive investments like multifamily real estate have more stable prices than debt and equity markets. Investors can own multifamily properties passively without managing them. Sanjay adds that this lets them pursue other interests.

Sanjay researches emerging markets extensively. We invest in owner-friendly states with value-added components to enhance rents. We find off-market homes by working with brokers and owners to save money. We use a conservative approach to underwriting and have a clear plan for getting out of the business to give investors the best return on their money.

Sanjay emphasized investor involvement and education. He says, "We provide investor-lead magnets and instructional videos. Monthly webinars educate investors on market trends and investing opportunities. We like to speak with investors one-on-one to learn about their needs and provide them with the best opportunity to receive the results they want. We have a good marketing team who diligently keeps updating our social media and sends relevant content newsletters to our investors with the help of our CRM system. We have seamless AI that helps us find accredited investors who we call and connect with, and an investor portal where investors can join and learn about opportunities that are open and invest in.


According to Sanjay, Blue Ring Investors' future is bright. Since there is a shortage of affordable multifamily and senior housing, we want to focus on new ground-up development and form a fund so investors can engage in larger prospects with quick returns, says Sanjay. We do this by developing apartments and then purchasing them, which benefits investors who don't want to retain their money in the market for more than 24 months. Investors who help us buy the flats will profit from the cash flow from the 3-to 5-year hold, cost segregation, and a solid backend.

Our core values set us apart, says Sanjay. We're transparent, honest, and trustworthy with investors. We use professional securities attorneys to protect investor information. Our objective is to increase medical professionals' passive investment returns. We form small groups of professional investors to invest in multifamily, senior housing, and student housing. We discover and vet expert real estate acquisition teams, and then invest in their acquisitions as a group. We secure investors' money with management.

Sanjay is on a mission to build safe communities for people to live in; give those who can't afford their own homes a safe and decent place to raise their family; and give hard-working medical professionals and other busy professionals the opportunity to invest in commercial-grade investment properties. “Success is achieving my goals, giving back to the community, and spending time with my family,” says Sanjay.


Blue Ring Investors LLC


Sanjay Hegde
Founder & President
Blue Ring Investors LLC


Blue Ring Investors LLC is a North Carolina-based Limited Liability Company formed to pool investors’ funds to purchase high-performing multifamily, senior and student housing properties in U.S. emerging markets.

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