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“Put your career before your personal life”

United Telecom Systems LLC is a private telecom corporation with years of experience, says President Salvatore Iovino. UTS is a construction service provider for all the major cellular carriers. We exist with technical experienced and advanced installation crews that install a variety of different kinds of networks, some that include new Cell Site Tower Installations, Small Cell, Tower Modifications, Carrier Overlays, and fiber backhaul. UTS is a full turnkey company, from obtaining the permits aspect, right to integration of the site once construction is completed. UTS has the proven ability to meet deadlines and exceed our clients’ expectations, says Salvatore Iovino.

Iovino is a diligent, dedicated, and intellectual leader who can handle challenges. Even as President, he's selfless and cares about his staff. Salvatore never forgets where he came from and the challenges he has faced. He uses it as a constant reminder for himself and as inspirational guidance that being an entrepreneur takes concentration, perseverance, and sacrifice. As a business owner, your personal time is gone for the foreseeable future, says Salvatore. You must accept failure as a learning curve, that is dedication, and you must focus on improving and instructing others, that builds teamwork and leadership. Teamwork will assist you and others under you to succeed, that is our whole purpose.

Employees look up to their employers because they lead by example. How can a supervisor acquire respect if he's late or doesn't display the same work ethic he expects of his employees? How can the manager expect his/her employees to work hard if he/she doesn't display leadership? As an entrepreneur, it's easy to continually do more, but it takes a leader to recognize and applaud others who match your energy. Most leaders believe they can never be incorrect, which is false. Accept mistakes as a leader. That's part of a learning curve that makes you better at your career, as you now know why you won't make the same decision again. Accountability is everything. Leading by example is your credibility.

Salvatore believes that anyone who puts their heart and soul into something can be hurt by criticism.

Constructive criticism, however, should be welcomed as a tool, especially from supervisors, clients, or coworkers. Use it to develop yourself and your organization, but don't take it personally, it’s just business.

Ignore the competitors, says Salvatore. If I worry too much about my competition, I can't focus on my company's goals. I have six main priorities, our Customers, employees, safety, structure, operations, and Culture. Our structure reflects clients needs. United Telecom Systems' culture and employees' safety are how we operate. These are the distinguishing features, in my opinion. Once you master these six things, everything else falls into place and you can beat the competition. Since United Telecom Systems is a service company, we focus on customer connections as they are crucial to our success, but we also use a lot of software that gives us an edge over the competition.

Our organization and structure helps our customers. We've helped our customer meet each FCC deadline for a project we're working on now. Without our dedication and procedures, we wouldn't have met our deadlines, which would have resulted in hefty FCC fines. Our workers, culture, and operations drive all of our safety and quality. UTS was given over $15 million in work that may have produced problems for one of our customers if we hadn't delivered.

We founded our company in 2019, and the COVID crisis helped us expand into a multimillion-dollar corporation. While many businesses closed, ours thrived. The world requires our company to grow its telecom network and usage. We were inventive with hiring and retention to reward individuals who stayed during tough times. We were the first telecom company to offer cryptocurrency to employees. United Telecom Systems gives the employee a monthly donation at no cost. UTS is proud of our customer service, work quality, and personnel safety. Our industry has millions of clients.

Every ability we have on our phones today, from texting to surfing the web, comes from installs at cell tower sites by companies like UTS and others. That means our employees are constantly trained in the most advanced cellular technology on the market, currently 5G, but 6G is right around the corner. We install upgrades at sites around the world years before they're released to clients (like us). Some companies may slack on safety in a fast-paced setting. UTS promises our staff and customers that won't happen. That implies, along with technical instruction, our safety training is doubled or tripled. UTS has its own training tower and plans to build onto our training facility so that all employees are trained in the latest industry standards and best practices.

United Telecom Systems according to Salvatore is one of 176 NATE Star Initiative enterprises worldwide. NATE STAR acknowledges primary contractors, subsidiary contractors, construction, and affiliate members who meet safety standards. Participants in the NATE STAR Initiative must commit to training, site safety audits, and safety program implementation while adopting industry best practices.


United Telecom Systems


Salvatore Iovino
United Telecom Systems


Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in telecommunications industry since 2002. With a “Entrepreneurial spirit mindset” my motivation is driven by determination, quality, safety, and customer focus. But my gratitude never lets my mind slip and always keeps me in overdrive to reach my goals. To be successful, we must always think outside the box and not become complacent. Actively seek out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change and embrace it full heartly

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