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Nicole Odom-Hardnett
President & CEO
Focus Point Behavioral Health

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Nicole Odom-Hardnett is the President and CEO of Focus Point Behavioral Health.  Her company’s tagline is “Our Focus Is Your Recovery”. Nicole says the company was created to “meet people where they are and help them transition to who they know they can become”. 

Focus Point Behavioral Health provides cutting-edge services that help Americans take the next step in their substance abuse journey, their mental health challenges, and in their need for wrap-around support during their recovery process. The services they offer include:

• Intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment,

• Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT),

• Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP),

• Mental Health Therapy,

• Supportive Employment, and

• DUI/DWI Education.

Integrity, hard work, fairness, and teamwork are the core values that guide Nicole’s leadership style. Nicole leads by example, and she ensures that her staff members are well-trained and well-suited for the behavioral health field.

Nicole knows that her employees are her company’s first line of defense, so she makes sure they have the skills, tools, and information they need to do their jobs well.


Mrs. Odom-Hardnett has a "trust but verify" policy. This policy encourages staff members to hit their goals while she ensures that the company stays on track. This collaborative style of leadership contributes toward the company's positive work culture. As a result, this environment enables their group to learn, grow, and become more confident in the execution of their duties.

Nicole admits that the use of technology helps her engage her target market and helps her work more effectively across the board. Here are three examples, she uses social media engagement to build value and trust among the target market she serves, with a mindset of working efficiently, she uses the Electronic Medical Records (E.M.R.) system to quickly confirm that information is both accurate and up to date, and with her new phone system, she ensures that callers are helped without delay.

Technology is great but a "caring staff" is the hallmark standard of Nicole's company. Focus Point Behavioral Health is transforming lives every day! They help people who are struggling to recover, grow and become self-sufficient. Via their services their clients become clean and sober, they are developing healthier habits, they are starting to work again, and, most importantly, they are feeling a level of success that they have not felt in a long time.

This company is on the move and expanding!  Soon there will be Focus Point in every major city in the United States.  With all that good news on the Horizon for Focus Point Behavioral Health, we asked Nicole, "what is your long-term business goal?" Without hesitation, she said, "to become a publicly traded company".  From the looks of her meteoric growth, she'll be there soon! 

It’s clear that Nicole’s success trajectory is moving all the way up! With all that positive news for her company, we asked Nicole “What advice would you give an up-and-coming entrepreneur?  Her message was direct, clear, and motivational.  Nicole said, 

• “Be fearless on your journey to success”. She went on to say,

• “Don't let doubt cause you to stop moving forward!  She passionately ended her thoughts with

• “If you can see it," you can achieve it"….so don’t ever give up”.

Don't forget, if you are an entrepreneur who also would love to learn more about working with Mrs. Odom-Hardnett’s franchise opportunity, call 978-886-7908 or go to for more information.


Focus Point Behavioral Health


Nicole Odom-Hardnett
President & CEO
Focus Point Behavioral Health


Focus Point Behavioral Health provides the full spectrum of behavioral health services for all populations, including: intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, outpatient services, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) for Adults and Adolescents, Mental Health Therapy, Supportive Employment Services, and DUI/DWI Education. We offer counseling, therapy, and mental health services for adults, children, adolescents, and families.

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