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Nick Neil
Vice President
Allcom Electric, Inc.

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Allcom Electric, Inc. is skilled at carrying out electrical and low-voltage renovations for affordable housing projects. With Nick Neil as their Vice President, they are committed to making a positive impact in local communities by improving the lives of those in need. Their expertise allows them to efficiently renovate 2500+ units in 2023 in collaboration with other trades. They also specialize in electrical renovations for market-rate and hospitality properties. They offer a wide range of services related to low-voltage systems, including design, engineering, installation, integration, and programming for various systems such as Fire Alarm, Life Safety, Access Control, CCTV, voice and data, Wifi, Security, and CATV. What sets them apart is their ability to work quickly and discreetly, minimizing disruption to residents and businesses.

Nick started his career as an electrician but later transitioned into the role of an estimator and eventually a project manager. In 2012, he recognized a business opportunity in Southern California due to the presence of older apartment buildings and hotels and a lack of competition in that market. After six months of focused efforts, he established an office and became vice president. Within two years, this office surpassed the revenue generated by the headquarters. He also developed a fondness for Southern California during this journey, which was an added bonus. If Nick were to summarize his perspective, the utmost importance lies in cultivating personal business relationships. As for the daily management of one's own business, there is no alternative to maintaining organization and reducing expenses.

One thing that greatly inspires Nick is the thrill of improvisation and encountering the unknown. He is constantly presented with fresh challenges that require him to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions. Likewise, he emphasizes the importance of prioritizing individuals. Rather than striving to be the top performer in one's field, he believes in creating a nurturing environment where talented individuals can flourish both personally and professionally. According to him, the prosperity of his customers and employees as a whole ultimately results from their collective success.

During challenging moments, Nick holds the belief that even difficult situations will eventually improve. This principle also holds true during favorable times. It is advisable to maintain a determined mindset, remain dedicated to the primary objective, and be prepared to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

Nick believes that the people who use screwdrivers in the field are very important for the company's success. As a VP, it is his job to make sure his employees have everything they need to do their work. Nick helps his employees by encouraging them to think about their personal growth, future projects, and advancement within the company. He wants to guide and support them through mentoring, asking relevant questions, and creating opportunities for them to progress.

Believing that discussing and sharing effective ways to give and receive feedback, communicate efficiently, and make decisions is important, it is crucial to be open to comments, criticism, and suggestions in order to promote teamwork and problem-solving. When communicating with clients or employees, it is important to clearly express expectations, observations, and goals. When making decisions, it is necessary to carefully consider all aspects and also reach a conclusion promptly. It is also important to move forward confidently after making a decision, even if it may not be the best, rather than being indecisive.

Above all, Family, Transparency, and Trust are the fundamental values that they prioritize, and they excel at upholding them. They are continuously dedicated to enhancing their workmanship and consistently strive for perfection, even if it may not be attainable. Employee retention and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance to them. They receive and provide impartial and unedited feedback not only from their employees but also from their customers. Their goal is to achieve success by delivering outstanding service to their customers and creating opportunities for their employees to grow. They are committed to expanding into new regions, ensuring that their customers receive exceptional service no matter where their project is located, and offering their employees new avenues for career development.

The company specializes in affordable housing and offers services throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation. They provide thorough due diligence, focusing on value engineering to ensure project profitability. They often suggest adjustments to minimize expenses and prioritize key project elements. They also prioritize taking on multiple projects with lower profit margins rather than focusing on one high-profit project. Clients trust their recommendations to maximize the overall benefits of their projects.

They effectively spearheaded the effort to speed up the project homekey process for the electrical aspect. By implementing new wiring methods and gaining approvals from relevant authorities, they managed to cut down the project turnover time from one year to only five months. Moreover, they were able to lower the client's expenses and guarantee the success of upcoming projects.

The company's new initiative is to promote the use of renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas appliances in buildings. They are developing innovative solutions to make this possible for all types of apartment complexes across the country, including older properties. They expect the introduction of new technologies that will make these buildings more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Allcom Electric, Inc.


Nick Neil
Vice President
Allcom Electric, Inc.


Allcom Electric was formed in 1986 as an electrical contracting company to serve the greater Bay Area. Since then Allcom Electric has spread its arms not only in the services that we offer, but the geographic areas as well.

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