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Naji Gebara
PGF Technology Group

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"Innovation is a Continuous Process"

PGF Technology Group is a solutions provider that assembles printed circuit boards, cables, wire harnesses, and box builds for a range of industries. By starting at PGF as an assembly worker and moving up the ladder to CEO, Naji has already grown with PGF and is constantly pushing to surpass the next limit. This experience has given him the knowledge of prominent companies, business tactics, and best assembly practices.

After years of advanced schooling to receive a Doctorate of Engineering in Manufacturing Systems, Naji returned to PGF to lead it into the next few decades. From this point on, Naji went from learning the languages of new countries to teaching the language of business. This learning mindset keeps PGF constantly moving forward, emphasizing the edge of technological advances.

"If a Company is not continuously growing, they fall behind"

When PGF began, it was a cable assembly company featuring simple assemblies for select industries. After years at the helm, Naji brought PGF into new opportunities by acquiring fellow Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies, new property, experts, and machinery. PGF Technology Group became a full-service electronics manufacturer. Over time, assemblies became more complex, and customers became more high profile. Today, PGF assembles turnkey solutions for the top companies in industries such as Aerospace, E-Mobility, Medical, and Robotics.

By beginning with a business plan, focusing on core values, and working hard in all aspects of the company, Naji Gebara knows the road to success means determining the perfect map. Entrepreneurs cannot live in the future; they must work toward it. PGF can advise this work due to its experience in the industry.

Additionally, PGF's ability to predict future trends and prepare for ambitious innovation allows up-and-coming businesses to trust the company with cutting-edge ideas. After all, one of its core values notes that innovation is a continuous process. This innovation includes implementing digitized work instructions, automated quality check machines, and expanded facility space to anticipate future work.

Just as the facility became more and more complex, the insight gained by Naji continuously expanded. This hands-on experience guided him to provide leadership without empty promises but rather knowledge-based fundamentals. From this standpoint, the training process became evident in a two-step summary: (1) Give them the tools and (2) Let them dream about new ways to excel. By allowing for creativity, Naji Gebara is giving the PGF team the room to grow exponentially, just as he did.

Naji Gebara welcomes constructive criticism because it means the chance for improvement. Everyone has their specific positions within PGF, but it is a team that benefits from each other's suggestions.

PGF Technology Group is always utilizing the latest tools and practices. After all, if a company is not continuously growing, they fall behind. This year, PGF is developing online training courses for new and tenured team members to deepen their skillsets and advance their careers – and PGF as a whole. In addition, a yearly investment of 2-5% of the annual budget goes toward machine updates. This facility update includes the universal usage of more automated tools over their manual counterparts, effectively improving assembly time and accuracy. PGF can summarize its future in one word: Growth.

For PGF, its vital differentiating factors include transparency and the need to provide solutions. In short, PGF is a solutions provider. This company will give honest feedback to prospective and customer contacts. Tracy McGraw, the Manufacturing Manager from Essen Bioscience, noted,

"We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business…When placing an order with PGF, we received exceptional customer service with extensive product knowledge".

Furthermore, the focus on well-rounded capabilities means that its facility handles printed circuit board, box build, and cable/wire harness assembly services. These new areas of expertise allow PGF to contribute that much more to its customers.

The key to facing market competition is to compete with yourself first. As a practice that PGF stands for, fear not your competitor but your ability to perform. Ultimately, PGF's vision for customer relationships has always been that the more cost-effective and successful a customer's project, the more PGF succeeds. With this concept in mind, a few case studies show PGF's ability to restructure and solve problems - before they even become problems.

One highly influential partner required simple cable assemblies at the start of their PGF experience. These simple assemblies began to adapt and evolve as both companies grew. For instance, as PGF started building complex wire harness and printed circuit board assemblies, this client utilized these services while offering additional challenges for PGF to surmount. Today, this partner has a whole PGF work cell dedicated to their company's projects, encompassing all aspects of PGF's assembly services.

"PGF can summarize its future in one word: GROWTH"

For PGF, every new customer is a unique opportunity to prove its position as a manufacturer and a partner.

Year over year, double-digit growth rates show the outcome of Naji’s hard work and visions that came to fruition. From daily overviews to weekly metrics, a data-driven company reveals the secrets to achievement. In other words, the numbers don't lie, so use them to find the truth.

For PGF, there is always a new project in the works, so to witness the full scope of what's next for PGF, they encourage potential and current customers to reach out with questions or even stop by for a tour of the latest and greatest.


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Naji Gebara
PGF Technology Group


We strive to establish a long-term relationship with our customers based on mutual respect, trust, and loyalty. Consequently, our customer-focused operating philosophy singles PGF out from the rest by getting past the industry rhetoric and buzz words.

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