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Mitch White
President & CEO
Handy Bros

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“As a company, you innovate or you die. If you don’t disrupt the industry, the industry will disrupt you.”

Mitch White, CEO, took over "Handy Bros." when he was only twenty-three years old, along with his brother Nic, and is currently running one of the most successful and innovative HVAC companies in Canada. Together, they worked to propel the company ahead, quadrupling sales and revenue in four short years. Despite the fact that Mitch and Nic are the leaders of this company, they contribute their success completely to their fantastic team. Their slogan is "Home Comfort Done Differently” and they strive to live that out, day after day. Since taking over, they have become an "unstoppable" and "formidable” force in the industry.

Mitch is known for his unwavering work ethic, resiliency, tenacity, and innovation with purpose. This undoubtedly is passed down to the members of his team. Handy Bros. strives for unmatched quality in their work, in the products they use, in the customer service they provide, and in every facet of their business. Mitch and his team are hell-bent, have a lot of fun, and are incredibly resilient and tough when bringing change for the benefit of their customers. “The guiding principles by which we decide where we want to go as a company are: Excellence, Enthusiasm, and Evolution. We aspire to be exceptional in everything we do and hope to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve”, says Mitch

“The concept of "servant leadership" was the best lesson I learned while figuring out my way as a leader. A boss is someone who issues commands, whereas a leader is someone who inspires and supports others to attain a common goal”, says Mitch. He continues, "In my first year as CEO of Handy Bros., I was compelled to take suggestions and relied on the experienced leaders under me. Take care of your people and they will return the favor. I also learned lessons in positivity, standards in quality, professionalism, and the benefit of a high level of sensitivity toward our clients.

Handy Bros. is constantly pushing the industry forward with new technology, products, systems, and operations, which causes concern among competitors. Mitch has always had the mindset that if other humans could land people on the moon, then he could reinvent an industry that is in desperate need of modernization and innovation.

Handy Bros. was the first HVAC company in Canada to fully exploit the advantages of modern dispatch, estimating, and operating software that connected with our accounting and inventory systems. This enabled them to generate detailed reports, intensely analyze the company, track KPI’s (key performance metrics), hold their staff accountable, set targets and goals, and streamline processes using artificial intelligence, ultimately bringing a better overall experience to their customers.

Handy Bros. is also in the midst of constructing a massive hands-on training facility.This building utilizes both physical and virtual reality training techniques to boost trade knowledge. “We plan on training our technicians with the Oculus Quest VR goggles so that it gives a realistic effect of what they will experience and see in the field. After all, our consumers want highly qualified personnel who are competent and exceptional at all they do, says Mitch.

Another fundamental innovation that Handy Bros. has introduced is the virtual sales room. Customers can order new equipment, choose installation dates, and pay online through the virtual sales portal. They can see and evaluate each of our products in terms of size, style, comfort, noise, and technology. Our clients' customized home comfort solution will be prepared in a factory-like environment. Creating a streamlined assembly line for creating these custom installations is essential to the efficiency they offer and the speed at which they are able to serve their customers.

On top of that, they’ve been named "Business of the Year 2021," "Top 10 Construction Leaders of 2022," "CK's Best HVAC/Plumbing/Fireplace Contractor 2021," "2021 Platinum Winner in Heating and Cooling," and have a slew of other news articles/press releases, all of which are a direct reflection to their revolutionary approach.

Handy Bros. goes beyond the industry norm, not only in the innovation they produce but also in the way they engage with the communities they serve. They established the "Handy Bros. Heroes" foundation, which is their own internal initiative through which they give back. “We work with all types of organizations, individuals, and special fundraising and charity events”, says Mitch. “The goal is to find needs in our communities and to meet those needs with the resources and funds that we have. We went into business, not for personal gain, but to actually make a difference with the profits we gain. Afterall, that’s what life is all about. We have one life, we want to live it well, impacting those around us in a positive way. We strive to be a light in an often-times dark world.”

Handy Bros. also supports and advises upcoming entrepreneurs, making themselves available to community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Home Builders Association. “Speaking at economic development events, speaking at trade schools and high schools, and serving on a variety of organizational boards are all excellent ways to network with and support other entrepreneurs on their journey”, says Mitch.

“We're now constructing a new 40,000-square-foot operations headquarters, which will have a significant influence on our efficiency and control over our customer experience. It will be a factory-like setting, allowing us to handle more projects and provide service to more customers, giving them the response time they deserve”, says Mitch. “A portion of this warehouse will be dedicated to a future research and development department. Designing, researching, and investigating existing products, experimenting with processes and systems, and creative ideation for future foresight will all be part of this. Big things are on the way, and we look forward to what the future brings”!


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Mitch White
President & CEO
Handy Bros


Handy Bros Home Comfort has served in Southwestern Ontario for over 60 years! We are home comfort specialists, committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Handy Bros started in a small backyard garage in 1959 by the Handy brothers, expanded by the Vanderende brothers with Mr Lenover, and now by the White brothers.

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