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Maria R. Rojas
National PET Scan Dade, LLC

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“Keep praying, always keep God first.”

Under CEO Maria R. Rojas, National PET Scan Dade offers PET/CT and CT scans in South Florida. Their staff is sensitive to each patient's needs. National PET Scan Dade, which carries ACR accreditation in both PET/CT and CT, was established in 2001.

Maria was born in Cuba and has followed Christ from a very young age. She got married in 2004 and immigrated to the United Sates in 2005. She attended Miami-Dade College to study English in 2007 and Nuclear Medicine Technology in 2010. She volunteered for a month and got her first paying job as a technologist because of her work ethic and drive to learn.

Maria has a deep faith in God. The following quote describes her perfectly: "Let your life reflect the faith you have in God. Fear nothing and pray about everything. Be strong, trust God's word, and trust the process. " She prays and asks God to guide her before doing anything, and says always keep God first."

Maria advises setting a goal first, remaining steadfast second, and remaining focused third. No matter how many people or situations try to steer you away from pursuing what you want, don't let them derail your progress. The best you can do is being the best you can be, no matter what the situation or people may be. Never give up on God because he will always lift you up. In God's timing, you will find the correct path. "Amen."

Maria is dedicated, proactive, and team-oriented. She's patient, respectful, and a believer. Maria graduated in 2011 and became Center Director of National PET Scan Dade. In 09/2020, at the age of 36, she bought NPS Dade. Her words: "My God is the God of acceleration and has provided everything to me sooner than expected." Amen. "

Maria encourages thoughts and suggestions on business issues. She regularly shows her team that she appreciates them. She focuses on her goals and ignores distractions or criticism. She always says, "I am running my own race." With the blessings of God, all things are possible. I am limitless and unstoppable in achieving my goals. Amen. "

National PET Scan Dade, LLC acquired ACR accreditation for brain imaging and oncology. The company is buying an upgraded PET scanner and Maria's background (Nuclear Medicine Technologist and CT Technologist) makes her well-suited to deliver the very best patient care and technology for the past 12 years.

The key differentiating factor is our staff, says Maria. Our patients come to us with a frightened and stressed state of mind. Our staff treats every patient as if they are a member of their own family. They work tirelessly to put each patient at ease to make their time spent with us as pleasant as possible, making them happy to return to our facility. Our patients are our best sellers. The NPS Dade Marketing Director always says, "The patients are our best marketing team." Our business increases when they share their positive experience with their referring doctors. "

Maria has developed a program called NPS Dade Cares, which provides a limited number of free PET Scans to individuals without insurance, money, or a covered diagnosis or procedure. Maria is dedicated to helping others. NPS Dade supports and donates to the League against Cancer's annual Telethon.

National PET Scan Dade was founded in 2001. Due to developments in the diagnostic market (hospitals acquiring PET scanning systems) and the COVID-19 epidemic, business dropped sharply by 2020. Maria bought the clinic in September 2020 and asked referring doctors what the institution lacked. She made improvements that increased referrals to levels not seen in three years.

We're installing a new scanner to offer patients advanced diagnostics, adds Maria. The new scanner can do cardiac PET scans, which accurately diagnose coronary artery disease and inadequate blood flow in the heart. The Time-Flight 3D Scanner is for Prostate Cancer PSMA. With this, CT-64 slice and coronary artery CT are possible. Maria’s goal for 2023 is to add additional services that will help our customers and make it easier for them to come to our medical facility.

Maria puts God first and strives for perfection. She confides in and loves her family. Her husband always supports her dreams and her kids motivate her. She wanted to progress professionally in this country. Her aim in 2010 was to open her own diagnostic facility. She appreciates God for all the possibilities she's had and for putting the proper people in her path. Her dreams came true much faster than expected at age 36. As stated by her, God opened doors no man could close, and she has her dream job and life.


National PET Scan Dade, LLC


Maria R. Rojas
National PET Scan Dade, LLC


Caring, Compassionate and Bilingual Staff. Experience and Passionate Technologist Exclusively dedicated to preform PET/CT and Diagnostic CT. National PET Scan Dade offers PET/CT and CT scans in South Florida. which carries ACR accreditation in both PET/CT and CT, was established in 2001.

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