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“Creativity builds unique projects”

Michael Management is an award-winning SAP training and SAP access provider. The company is currently lead by Lori Moriarty, the Vice President of Operations. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including hundreds of online training courses, SAP simulation courses, SAP eBooks, and SAP Access. Furthermore, Michael Management also provides training for complimentary business software such as the Microsoft Suite, Google products, Tableau, and Power BI, while emphasizing the importance of soft skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership, and organizational proficiency within their teams.

Lori's journey at Michael Management began when a friend introduced her to the company's founder, Thomas Michael. Thomas recognized Lori's potential and sold her on the idea of joining the organization. Thomas established a strong foundation for the company, and after Thomas retired, she is working to maintain the culture he created.

Lori attributes her remarkable growth as a leader to the guidance of her business mentors. Early in her career, she had the privilege of working with individuals who believed in her and invested in her personal and professional development. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning and embracing new challenges, Lori's mentors encouraged her to take risks, even in the face of failure. They instilled in her the understanding that while inaction may be a leadership choice, true progress and growth come from acting and learning from setbacks. These invaluable mentors helped shape Lori's leadership skills, enabling her to navigate complex business landscapes with confidence.

She has more than 30 years of experience in the corporate world and has served a range of roles further adding to her ability to grow in an organization.

At the core of Lori's leadership, philosophy is the principle of leading by example. She sets exceptionally high standards for herself and her team, working tirelessly and relentlessly pursuing greatness. Lori firmly believes in never asking her staff to do anything she wouldn't do herself. By simplifying leadership roles and nurturing team members gradually, she empowers and enables individuals to take on new tasks. Recognizing that investing in employees can inspire them to achieve organizational goals, Lori fosters an environment of trust and collaboration.

Lori places great emphasis on transparency within MMC, actively listening to the voices of her employees. Effective communication, in her view, involves engaging staff members through an open-door policy and encouraging their participation. Utilizing Slack as their primary instant messaging tool, the company holds regular small meetings to address challenges and foster open dialogue. They have also implemented a "camera-on" policy during virtual meetings to enhance connectedness and engagement. Valuing input and feedback from her team, Lori understands that their insights are crucial for the company's growth. She carefully considers all possibilities and weighs different perspectives before making decisions, accelerating the decision-making process. Seeking input from stakeholders affected by decisions allows her to make informed choices quickly and build stronger teamwork. Furthermore, Lori periodically reviews her past decisions, evaluating their performance and identifying areas for improvement. This proactive approach enhances her decision-making abilities, particularly in scenarios that can be tested and measured.

Lori advocates for leadership training and fostering a positive work environment. She believes in leaders who actively listen to and empower their teams, valuing the diverse perspectives that drive creativity. This requires team availability and a clear understanding of everyone’s roles and responsibilities within the organization. Lori expects every team member to work diligently and take pride in their contributions, emphasizing the importance of speed, accuracy, and continuous progress. Implementing staff suggestions is a priority.

MMC targets enterprises that use SAP. The largest companies in the world use SAP to manage their business processes and operations. They target firms switching from SAP ECC to S/4HANA, which requires SAP training and support.

SAP reports that they have 440,000 clients in 180 countries in 2021 and leads the worldwide enterprise software market with 23% of the market. 99 of the top 100 companies use SAP.

The team has developed MMC's improvement plan for future growth. Each team member thought, researched, and presented a piece of the plan. They then planned projects and timeframes around these ideas. “It's great to have the whole company excited about this massive project”, reveals Lori. Her honesty, hard work, and unity encourages everyone to get on board.

They also sell the SAP Learning Hub so firms can develop the best training program that works for them. They value creativity, and over the years, they have learned that clients want one source for online training, eBooks, SAP access, and live training. MMC will become the leading training organization. They expect year-over-year growth and plan to add a couple more people to their great team.


Michael Management


Lori Moriarty
VP of Operations
Michael Management


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