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Lisa Rios
President & CEO

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“Confidence propels you to new heights”

LDI CEO and President, Lisa Rios is passionate about helping companies succeed by creating a growth-oriented culture that aligns with their business strategy. She emphasizes that growth is more than improved financial performance.

“It is a true balance between the head and the heart,” said Rios. “Financial performance is critical, but it is equally important to focus on how work gets done.”

LDI works with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, and C-suite Executives in many industries by focusing on understanding leaders, their goals, and their teams’ individual and group goals.

Lisa Rios is an expert in organizational leadership with a proven track record of successful results. She has over 30 years of career experience and over 25,000 collective hours of C-suite executive one-to-one coaching and strategic facilitation. Lisa’s compassionate, fair, no-excuses approach continues to drive high-performing leaders and their companies to achieve both business and personal growth.

Rios learned early in her career through mergers and acquisitions that culture is a vital factor at any size and stage of an organization’s life cycle.

“Leaders need to be intentional about creating a culture and communicating the company’s core values to each team member. Growth happens when leaders bring clarity and support to the team.”

She also believes that everyone adds value, and there are always lessons to be learned. That’s why she focuses not only on helping her clients but also each LDI team member to understand and share “the why” to bring understanding, trust and alignment.

LDI has a track record of helping teams establish a clear vision with targets in every facet of the business.

"LDI has been a tremendous influence in helping organizations grow, remain competitive, and handle day-to-day challenges that businesses deal with. Our team has the capability to work with people in any industry at any level and affect change.”

During the span of over 30-years of working with many types of leaders, Lisa recognized a common thread or a gap between executive and middle management levels continuing to the front-line workforce. LDI spent several years researching data to resolve this disconnect then launched the LAB (Leadership Alignment Breakthrough) Organizational Leadership bootcamp.

The LAB is crafted to fit within an organization’s dynamic environment, using experiential learning and interaction to work through challenges and opportunities specific to each organization.

“It’s about aligning leadership and management strategies and creating a framework around collaboration, openness, and vulnerability so leaders can focus on achieving results that matter.”

In its fifth year, the LDI LAB has been charting an NPS of 73, which is a world-class rating metric of customer loyalty. Additionally, the LDI Group is an accredited organization with the International Association of Continuing Education and Training for Continuing Education Units (IACET). “The LAB has been instrumental in helping companies grow, gain traction and stay competitive,” said Rios.

One example of LDI’s impact comes from a medical group that was experiencing negative cash flow positions and operational challenges. Rios and her team helped the organization build an intentional culture, focused on strategy and objectives around team alignment and operational efficiencies. The result is a healthy organization both financially and culturally. The group has executed successful acquisitions and grown to more than five offices, achieved 600% top-line growth and an estimated 1100% in EBITDA growth over a ten-year period, and improved the organization’s enterprise value.

Another client said that “after just six years of working with LDI in my manufacturing business, changes continue to bring great results!”  LDI helped develop the company’s organizational structure and re-aligned team roles and responsibilities. LDI and this client employed strategies that positioned the team to achieve annual sales targets, gross margin increases of over 44%, and net operating increases of +1300%.

A third example comes from another client who noted, “The team and the programs LDI offer give organizations the ability to bring people onto the leadership team who are a great culture fit and fast track their growth. Aspiring leaders gain the knowledge and the confidence to lead their teams to accomplish great things while working through challenges and exceed revenue and profit targets that they never thought possible.”

Rios emphasizes it takes a true partnership between LDI and their clients. “We engage you to be the driving force of change in the organization while standing by your side as you're leading the change.”

Lisa and the LDI team inspire trust, exhibit passion, compassion, and a true desire to assist high performing entrepreneurs and C-suite executives in advancing their careers and their personal lives. “They attain their goals to become better leaders and take their companies, family, and communities to greater heights,” said Rios.

Rios is a life-long learner who enjoys reading, research and teaching as an adjunct Professor at Cal State University Entrepreneurship Program. When not leading, reading, or teaching, she spends time on the golf course with her husband, taking dance lessons, or just watching a great movie with a delicious bag of popcorn!




Lisa Rios
President & CEO


At LDI, we believe that having meaning drives effectiveness. When your team understands ‘the why’ behind what they’re doing, you get better results and better outcomes. It’s that simple.

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