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Larry Cameron
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Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

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Partner to combat human trafficking

Larry Cameron, Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII's) Chief Information Security Officer, explains how they combat worldwide human trafficking by disrupting operations, economies, and anonymity. ATII disrupts modern-day slavery by engaging with economic gatekeepers, law enforcement, and internet businesses. They combine data, technology, and operational infrastructure using a holistic strategy. ATII's new approach uses "big data" technology to connect and analyze their huge amounts of data.

Larry considers himself a role model. Since most of what they're creating is novel, he encourages creativity. Most of their Task Force volunteers to help. It's much different from corporate culture, he adds. His team investigates human trafficking and child exploitation. We send intelligence reports to law enforcement, or they come to us with difficult situations, and we provide investigators with training, data, and tools.

In Larry’s opinion, the company's culture is where ATII fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion and praises their human capital. Differences, life experiences, expertise, ingenuity, self-expression, distinctive qualities, and talent contribute to their culture, reputation, and success. Age, skin color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and veteran status are all supported.

Larry says each employee can make individual decisions to fulfill jobs and manage projects. Directors and CEOs have unlimited liberty to train and guide volunteers in the most efficient and effective way for the organization. He proposes giving volunteers a leadership role as they take on greater responsibilities and show initiative. Before working independently, they collaborated closely with their director.

Larry clearly describes that the organization's diversity initiatives apply to recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, professional development and training, promotions, transfers, social and recreational programs, layoffs, terminations, and the ongoing development of a gender and diversity-equitable work environment that encourages and enforces respectful communication and cooperation between all employees, teamwork, and employee engagement.

As an investigative, data-centric, technology-focused anti-human trafficking NGO, they fight this global threat from various facts. They give financial institutions, transactional security agencies, and other global stakeholders actionable intelligence, strategies for sharing information, and methods for working together that are based on research.

They maintain their own High-Risk Human Trafficking Dataset, which includes over 1,000,000 line items of data in over 140 countries, and their work includes: cryptocurrency forensic tracing, website crawling and data set production tools, geo-location tracking & analytics, cybersecurity & breach data, digital forensics & computer triage software, investigative intelligence analysis platforms, open-source intelligence (OSINT), and enhanced due diligence and corporate resolution analysis.

They've had 100 interns from 20 colleges and universities in the past 3 years. Some interns earned complimentary certifications from their partners and his company. Larry credits their work, but most of them graduated without certificates, which are needed for jobs. He tells them he's a good reference and he's on both sides.

Larry also shares that they've implemented facial recognition (Multiple), data analytics (, digital forensics (ADF Solutions), blockchain forensics (CipherTrace, Blockchain Intelligence Group and Merkle Science), Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) software, Fermata Vixn, Darkweb Intelligence, Location Intelligence, Constella Intelligence, Maltego,, Compliance software, Data pipelines, Entity Resolution (Senzing), Salesforce, and Microsoft Non-Profit free software.

Information dated 16-08-2022 in Murrieta, Calif., showed that hundreds of sexual offenders were noncompliant. This impacts neighborhoods, schools, and colleges, says Larry. IREX software manages state-wide databases of non-compliant sex offenders and alerts authorities if a list member is spotted. ATII argues noncompliant sex offenders are social risks. IREX's technology tracks insults and offenders. For Larry, it is the college’s safety and we'll expand to riskier places, he adds. ATII combats trafficking like IREX with more cameras.

The latest on 17.02.2022, GALWAY Siren collaborates with ATII to stop human trafficking. Siren helps ATII solve problems, find traffickers, and reduce human trafficking. ATII can overlap data since Siren imports Project Hades data. Now it can define anomalies and conduct bulk investigations, improving patient triage. It speeds up ATII's studies, reducing child abuse investigations by 30% (CSAM). With this, ATII analyses 193,000 dark websites, finding 5,000 to 10,000 monthly. In 2022, this volume will generate 300,000 CSM-related crypto addresses and clusters, forum users, emails, ssh keys, javascripts, ip addresses, fave icons, and Google Analytics tags. It also combines ATII APIs, automates, scales, and enriches data.

"Overwatch" 24/7 is working with ATII to detect CSAM-like malware. Our software detects CSAM on a business network, whether it's a PC, USB drive, remote BYOD device, or Internet transmission, said CTO David Barton. Our security professionals may watch for suspicious conduct and send forensic data to law enforcement. According to ATII, the dark web is used to trade unlawful goods and content; encryption technologies allow traffickers to upload and sell CSAM; and 75% of financial institutions don't recognize human trafficking in consumer transactions. Study: 75% of clients would leave if their bank didn't tackle unethical behavior.

(PRNewswire) Hunter is a threat-analysis tool by Constella Intelligence. Hunter connects many identities to data sources. Businesses, healthcare, and finance use it. IDHunt Core improves the user experience and threat actor investigations. ATII CISO Larry called Hunter a powerful tool. "Hunter finds Human Trafficking foes' phone numbers, emails, and addresses and its new graphing is great and Data Lake was visible," Larry adds.

Larry believes that their mission is non-competitive. They support other NGOs, help them succeed, and share information and resources. It's about 50 million slaves, not them or a product. He encourages everyone to get involved and he'd be glad if there were no human traffickers and they were put out of business. 

Larry shares a link for the readers to learn more about their partners.

At ATII, we feel that non-compliant sex offenders are a really high risk to society. Their lack of regard for not only the people they offend against, but the legal protocols that are put in place in order to keep tabs on them. IREX offers an offender recognition system that will allow us to monitor for these offenders. Initially, we will be focusing on colleges and universities to add another layer of protection to these establishments. We will then offer the service to other areas where children are at a high risk of being targeted. The more camera’s we have access to the higher the chances that we will be able to detect / catch these predators and notify authorities of their location so that they can be taken into custody.


Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative


Larry Cameron
Chief Information Security Officer
Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative


The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) combats global human trafficking by promoting corporate social responsibility through increasing awareness, facilitating intelligence integration and technology advancement, and encouraging strategic data collaboration.

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