Kayla Kurkowski, Owner of Clever Candid Photography LLC

Kayla Kurkowski
Clever Candid Photography LLC

Kayla Kurkowski, Owner of Clever Candid Photography LLC Certificate

Be insane until you accomplish your goal

Clever Candid Photography LLC is a wedding and event photography business that focuses on giving couples and events unique experiences.

I am your everyday chick that runs around like a madwoman looking for the closest Starbucks, says Kayla Kurkowski, owner of Clever Candid Photography LLC. Kayla has been a professional photographer for nearly a decade, and she has an extensive experience covering weddings.

Kayla is a hands-on leader for her team members. She wants to be in the trenches with them, working on the same projects and making sure that she is well-informed just as much as they are about what is going on in the front lines.

In Kayla's opinion, it's easier to foster an environment where employees feel safe raising issues, offering ideas, and suggesting new approaches when the company culture is strong. She adds that with a strong bond, things within a company should be fluid within it, and it takes the whole team to do that, she adds.

Kayla always encourages her team to problem solve and to take on only what they believe they can handle. She is always available for assistance when needed, but she wants them to have the freedom to do things their own way and to be able to say yes or no to their working environment and how others may treat them in the field. They use strong communication skills, hands-on training, and team building to ensure that everyone in the field feels at ease, whether they are with them or another team member.

Kayle wants to provide her team with resources that will make their tasks simpler. It doesn't matter if it's a cutting-edge camera, a new lens, or a smartwatch, they want the team to perform smoothly in the field. As far as behind the scenes, they have implemented things to help with team communication, file transfers, and scheduling. She assures and states—we are your "best friend" photographers. We're the ones who can come in and help you with your clothing, your mother's hair, your father's tie with a mysterious stain on it, your aunt, who has no chill, and your uncle Bob, who just wants to take all the photos.

We make your day go more smoothly and efficiently, and we are there from start to finish, keeping things moving and on track. We go above and beyond what the contract really says.

Nevertheless, Kayla advises the ones who are having a hard time making it in this cutthroat age. You shouldn't give up or give in and recommends being patient and finding a niche. Don't allow anyone to steal your thunder because once they have it, you've lost your will to fight. She also suggests getting a tax professional for the first year and It is worth ii! She emphasizes that you should NOT attempt to do it yourself, as it is more difficult than you think and you are leaving money on the table by not hiring someone. In addition, she suggests FILING THE PAPERWORK and not waiting to MAKE IT LEGAL. She explains that an LLC can be formed for a low cost and dissolved for the same amount.

Kayla is looking to keep expanding and exploring with Clever Candid Photography LLC. She plans to keep growing and eventually wants to have her photographers and photography in other states. Her goal is to continue her promotional tour and help as many couples and opportunities as she can with her skills and team. She also desires to see her team's growth over the next year, three years, five years, and ten years.


Clever Candid Photography LLC


Kayla Kurkowski
Clever Candid Photography LLC


Clever Candid Photography LLC specializes in out-of-the-box wedding experiences and creating once-in-a-lifetime photos for you to cherish for the rest of time.

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