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Joseph Anderson
President & CEO
Rafael Systems Global Sustainment LLC

Joseph Anderson, President & CEO Rafael Systems Global Sustainment LLC Certificate

“Education will lead the way ”

Rafael Systems Global Sustainment, LLC, is Rafael's American subsidiary, as mentioned by President & CEO, Joseph Anderson.He also adds that four business areas provide products and services: the Spike Family of Missiles, Homeland Security Systems, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Counter UAS. They sell products in the United States to fill operational capability gaps in the Department of Defense, other government agencies, and private businesses. Furthermore, they assist with a variety of contracted programs and Americanize Rafael’s products through IP/data storage, engineering services, and manufacturing. As a result, Joseph clarifies that all requirements will be satisfied here in the United States over a very short period of time.

As Pentagon Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army for Operations, Plans, and Training, Joseph worked with powerful technologies that led him to this company.

He validated Army operational needs while serving in that role. The top requirements were Iron Dome for Air and Missile Defense gaps, Spike NLOS missiles for Apaches to gain enemy standoff and Trophy for Abrams tank active protection. The Israeli Defense Forces rigorously tested and fielded all of these systems for Rafael Advanced Defense Systems prior to fielding them in the U.S.

Joseph's leadership was helped by mentors and role models. He developed as a leader by continuing his professional education throughout his career and he approached work with the same mentality. Putting his people and his mission first, he set an example, always gave his best effort, learned by doing, and never made unreasonable demands. Upon retirement, he needed to study how other businesses market and build their products and services. For him, the most effective means of communication are the twice-weekly hybrid company growth reviews with the entire company.

He explains that Tuesdays are reserved for pursuits and directorate updates; Thursdays are reserved for marketing and other activities.

These dynamic conversations cover all topics, but specifically they discuss pipelines, human resources, budgets, etc. Joseph believes that leaders must understand themselves first, as their businesses are a reflection of them. When something breaks, leaders must determine what to do or not do to prevent it from happening again. Proper corrective action initially requires the leader to determine what he or she personally did or did not do. This requires time to reflect and the realization that a leader must establish company objectives, and eventually these priorities naturally dictate the allocation of time and resources.

Joseph's team makes decisions at the lowest tier. He desires for them to understand and implement their go-to-market plan. Their business units are managed using their expertise, intellect, intuition, system comprehension, and market knowledge. Joseph expects his employees to be business experts and have confidence in their products. He does not want individuals to support something that they don’t believe in. They require business savvy. Thus, he feels that teamwork is the company's greatest asset and that everyone contributes to and supports one another. They are a small company with many responsibilities. Nobody cares who receives credit as long as the task is accomplished.

Joseph explains their intended market, which is both private and public. Their issue is balancing these two markets. Their Family of Missiles, active defense systems, counter-UAS, and turrets have a major US government market. Their particular competencies limit their work in the private sector. To guarantee performance, they must offer the most technically advanced technologies to their consumers. They can grow and hire more by expanding in the commercial market. They are a 100% Rafael owned subsidiary without shareholders.

In comparison to Israel, Joseph describes how they demonstrated their innovations on US soil.

This was a significant push, but this team of Veterans wanted to provide these capabilities to their Service Members.

It took a group effort to make it happen. At AEWE 21, they debuted the Spike SR missile and Firefly loitering munition and at Project Convergence 21 they launched the Spike LR2 from a TOW launcher on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and fired the Spike Extended Range missile. Their Border Patrol countertunnel technologies and Florida Department of Disaster Management ImiSight post-natural catastrophe software were successful. In 2022, its Firefly loitering munition and Footprint position tracking device were demonstrated during AEWE 22; Drone Dome did the same for the Joint CUAS Office; and the Medium Range Intercept Missile live fires for the Marines were all successful.

Americanization lines of effort will shape their development, says Joseph. They are currently working on a merger and acquisition of an engineering services company. They hope to expand their public-private partnership for Spike missile integration with the Joint Munitions Command and McAlester Army Ammunition Depot. C4ATS in Orlando, FL and PVP in Torrance, CA will supply the missile’s components for hot integration in Oklahoma. They also prioritize US manufacturing and want to be a profit-and-loss corporation without outside funding.

They are also excited to partner with a team for the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle competition. Using UAV countermeasures at commercial airports with the Federal Aviation Administration is also moving forward. They have good momentum going into this year, are delighted about their medium-caliber weapon station being chosen for three Stryker brigades, and intend to expand even further.




Joseph Anderson
President & CEO
Rafael Systems Global Sustainment LLC


RAFAEL SYSTEMS GLOBAL SUSTAINMENT, LLC (RSGS), located in Bethesda, Maryland, is an American subsidiary of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems located in Haifa, Israel. As a small start-up company, we provide technologies that solve the most challenging defense problems with expertise in sensors, command and control. electro-optical systems, kinetics, Big-Data management, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) and systems integration.