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Jordan Levitt
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Jordan Levitt is a hands-on advisor to the offi cers of the company with an opendoor policy. A believer in deep collaboration and adhering to RACI concepts, Levitt is the tip of the innovation spear while also overseeing sourcing relationships to ensure the procurement of the highest grade data available, which ensures that transaction times are kept to a minimum.

Wave HDC leverages the power of AI to secure the most accurate information available to companies throughout healthcare. Our proprietary Wave Analyzer technology coupled with our suite of tailored services and solutions autonomously verifi es, corrects and updates patient records in real-time.

Jordon Levitt

Wave HDC, Healthcare Data Curation®, is a technology company focused on revenue cycle automation for the touchless capture of accurate demographic and insurance data. Their solution identifi es hard-to-determine benefi ts and performs fi nancial disposition capture, without the use of taboo FCRA data, to determine fi - nancial assistance qualifi cation and propensity-to-pay. Their recent acquisition of Goodvisit expands the solution with the addition of fee estimation functionality, all executed in a real-time processing environment that integrates into most host systems for an experience where Wave HDC’s only proof of existence is less work and trailing indicators of more cash, less A/R, and reduced staffi ng needs. No UI/UX is required, but it is available if staff want to use its advanced worklisting functionality.

Cultivating a Thriving Culture

Wave is a young company with a strong culture. While employee surveys are used to provide monthly feedback, Wave HDC uses an HR platform and a third-party HR advisory panel to stay current with the employees and enforce a high-performance, high-reward environment. Customers are encouraged to be demanding, which is a prerequisite for maximum automation. The leadership team encourages both tried and true and innovative solutions that contribute to the healthcare industry.

Redefi ning RCM With Advanced Technology

From its use of AI to its deployment of in-memory analytics and, most recently, migration to a serverless cloud, Wave HDC can often accomplish what was seemingly impossible just a few years ago. Downtime isn’t an option when you serve an industry with no time off, so redundancies, scale, and elasticity are vital components of the Wave infrastructure.

Wave HDC doesn’t have many competitors, but plenty are perceived. Wave requires no human intervention, unlike many similar clearinghouses. Because of their sound infrastructure, they have fewer failures, timeouts, and issues, resulting in more for less. Wave invoices are 25% less than a competitor’s, despite looking 10% less on paper. They can also eliminate the ten resources that manage the perceived competitor’s results.

Clients struggle with bad data that propagates from system to system. Wave HDC allows data to be intercepted and corrected, resulting in increased cash fl ow, reduced denials, maximum clean :”claim rates, and less rework. End-to-end automation with trustworthy data is the most straightforward solution for benefi ts realization. After implementing Wave HDC’s data curation solutions, the need to verify and correct patient data vanishes. Clients experience yield within 30 days of signing a contract.

The Wave team keeps its eyes and ears open for revenue cycle processes that rely heavily on people to interpret data and processes in which data needs to be scrubbed for verifi cation or correction. Fortunately, the need keeps growing, as with the No Surprise Billing Act. Wave is tackling this challenging regulation with easy-to-deploy tools like a simple-to-manage fee schedule manager and the world’s most advanced benefi ts curation tools to maximize the automation of determining “who owes what” with the highest degree of accuracy and compliance.

A Success Roadmap

When asked to share his advice to entrepreneurs, Jordan commented, “Consumption is growing, so give people or industry what they need. If you can get ahead of the curve and build for the future, you have a greater chance than if you build for the present, as the present quickly becomes the past. Treat your name and reputation as assets. You should surround yourself with brilliance and not worry about who’s smartest because if you’re lucky, it’s not you. Listen, learn, and collaborate; you don’t know every good idea. And your great product won’t sell itself. Your product isn’t a company. You need representation, distribution channels, and a way to inform and educate to be successful in the marketplace.”

In his closing thoughts, Jordan shared that “In today’s world, marketing budgets matter. Our competitors spend more on marketing and have been around longer than us. Our strategy is to reinvest profi ts in better data, better technology, and world-class benefi ts. Where other companies in our space boast fi ve sales a month with big brand power, we triple that and have near-parody customer go-lives. We aren’t the loudest or most well-known brand, but sometimes it’s not the noise you make but the value you create that counts. The time for celebration will come, but for now, we’re busy delivering value. Beware of quiet storms!”.


Wave HDC


Jordan Levitt
President & CEO
Wave HDC


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