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Jonny MacIntosh
CEO & Founder
Listener Kids

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"Transparency Fosters Trust"

Listener Kids is a company that makes faith-based music and videos for kids that parents can trust. Children ages 0–6 learn about Christian themes in an engaging and instructive way. According to Listener Kids' founder, Jonny MacIntosh, “Our music videos not only get kids to move and sing. They also teach important values.”

Jonny believes that a combination of focus and the right mindset are the keys to business success. “It’s clear that Listener Kids' biggest wins came after times of intense focus while having the right mindset.”

Grammy - nominated music producer.

Founder of the popular kids’ company Listener Kids with nearly a million YouTube subscribers and almost half million of views.

Jonny advises us to acknowledge our mistakes and recognize the need to apologize. “First and foremost, show respect for your team. Your employees must not only be outstanding at what they do but also have a sincere passion for it. When you combine talent and passion, all that the person needs is the right playground to unleash their full potential. It is my job to provide that playground and celebrate their successes along the way.”

“When it comes to hiring, one of my strengths is giving the right people the gift of trust.” He believes that a person's talent allows them the freedom to work whenever and wherever they choose. Jonny also believes in the growth of his team. “Personal growth is so much more rewarding when you're also contributing to the growth of others.”

When faced with criticism, Jonny describes the shame that comes with it as a “dreadful little creature". However, if one can walk through the shame and accept the criticism with an open mind, that is where real growth happens. “I remind myself that one of my biggest goals is personal growth and criticism is almost always a chance to grow. To me, growing is more important than being right.”

“I've learned a lot about accepting full responsibility for my actions over this season. Simply put, I've come to realize that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to my business. Personal and professional identities are inextricably linked.” If you want to see rapid growth in your business, Jonny advises that you take a close look at your habits, rituals, and mindset.

“As we move toward digital technologies, we should expect to see fewer of our physical products such as DVDs and CDs in the future. These products will be replaced by a subscription video on demand service (SVOD). As a result of these changes, customer engagement and access to new content will both rise dramatically.”

“When it comes to beating the competition, I believe the clearest message wins,” says Jonny.

Listener Kids’ YouTube channel,, has grown at an exponential rate. “That is our proudest achievement thus far. This year, we expect to have one million subscribers. As a Grammy-nominated music producer, I've learned the importance of the consumer having a heart connection with the product. Before deciding how to monetize my customers, I believe an emotional connection needs to come first,” says Jonny.


Listener Kids


Jonny MacIntosh
CEO & Founder
Listener Kids


Listener Kids is a fun, educational platform for kids (ages 0-6) that teaches Christian values creatively. In a world where animals can sing, dance, and objects come to life, our music videos get kids singing and dancing while teaching values parents approve.

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