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"Be equipped, be prepared."

John Boyd, CEO of Buddha Teas, wanted to create an expanded selection for tea lovers seeking the same purity and quality he was committed to. The company strives to create teas that do more than satisfy a thirst. All of the teas are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients so that they can show off nature's best features and make tea drinkers' lives better.

John's leadership skills include endurance and motivating others. He has also been remarkably adaptive in both work and personal life. The pandemic outbreak was alarming, but John knew how to handle it with care, despite rushing to finish all the new implementations. John is also a visionary, always looking for new ways to grow Buddha Teas. As a result, they were named # 1374 on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation's fastest-growing private enterprises, and remains as their greatest accomplishment.

Running a successful business needs a lot of intellect, says John. Providing employees with a clear path to growth has always been a priority for John. The importance of letting people talk and listening carefully cannot be overstated. Buddha Teas' best decision for our employees was to make them participate in a profit-sharing, a mutually beneficial program, says John.

John has shared the lessons he's learned the hard way in order to help people in sales and marketing, employment and human resources, and a wide range of other business people grow their businesses faster and more efficiently without having to go through the same trenches he did.

Businesses are taking advantage of social media as one of the finest strategies to expand their customer base, and it may be a huge asset.Though modern warehouse automation, such as conveyor belt systems and improved processing equipment, is critical for our sector, Buddha Teas will always remain a human-run business. We'll never be able to do our best job without the help of real people, explains John.

Our teas are packaged in bleach-free bags because we refuse to compromise; each product is pure and natural, free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and flavour enhancers. They are all certified kosher and packaged in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging.

We are inventors at heart and try to keep up, says John. We live in a fast-paced world, and Tea is a well-established industry. John says that the competition is changing and we need to keep abreast. During the COVID outbreak, we wanted to quickly spread the word about our tea. Some new goods were created, and wholesalers provided us with premium herbs and plants based on our existing relationships. He says that to defeat the competition, you must be equipped.

We put a lot of effort into finding tea-based remedies for common ailments, such as sleep deprivation, immune system weakness, stress, and general wellness. Additionally, we care about the environment, which is why we launched our "Tea for Trees" program to restore one of our most precious natural resources while also offsetting the paper that we use to make our products. For this initiative, we've teamed up with the National Forest Foundation, whose goal is to plant 50 million trees in our National Forests.

We are proud of the thousands of favorable reviews on our website and the hundreds of nice Instagram posts about Buddha Teas. We recently had a customer who was suffering from migraines and had researched Feverfew before contacting us. We sent her a sample, and in her response, she told us that the tea has changed her life and she no longer gets headaches. One of our past Corn Silk clients was so thrilled with her results that she created a blog post explaining her experience. High-profile consumer magazines are increasingly turning to us for feature coverage of wellness issues that our teas can address, and we're gratified with our achievements, says John.

However, regardless of our successes, we've had a few setbacks due to supply limits and issues with deficiencies, such as the lack of access to particular plants during COVID. The best course of action at the time was to remain calm and inventive while focusing on teas that had a stable supply.

The popularity of our CBD Teas led us to develop further CBD products. Many future ventures will not necessitate tea bags. There will be CBD Honey and Golden Milk. We are excited to combine herbal health benefits with our water-soluble CBD's outstanding qualities. We may also venture into skin care and cosmetics with some innovative products. We take the health benefits of tea very carefully. People can visit to learn about the ingredients and how to brew tea.


Buddha Teas


John Boyd
CEO of Buddha Teas


Buddha Teas believes that a proper cup of tea provides a nourishing experience that satisfies the soul while pleasing the senses. We strive to deliver a delightful and vast array of additive-free options, which includes herbal, green, white, and black teas, as well as uniquely crafted blends.

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