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Jennifer Blazer
Founder and Managing Member
BBP Services LLC

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“Change happens when you challenge your ideals of what is possible. Be THAT solution.”

Jennifer Blazer, Founder and Managing Member of BBP Services LLC, has always had a distinct perspective towards the need of solutions for business owners. She launched BBP in 2015 with the mission to assist small businesses. “My goal has always been on the foundation of providing the solutions to clients to achieve both personal and professional success. This is where our motto ‘Helping business owners get back to what matters to them’ comes from,” says Jennifer.

The core of BBP is centered around the ability of clients to rest easy knowing their accounts are under control which allows them to focus on what is important to them such as their family and running their business. At the same time, Jennifer strives to be a role model for her children. “I want my children to know that God and family are the most important things in their lives. If I can achieve that, I'll be successful in life,” adds Jennifer.

“Jenn is down to earth and loyal. She is the kind of person who remembers important dates, helps in a crisis, and would give you a place to stay if you needed it. Jenn comes from a hospitality background and can make you feel as though you have known her for years. These characteristics are a part of who she is, not something she picked up along the way,” says a colleague.

When asked about her journey, Jennifer responded, “From middle school, I knew I would be an entrepreneur, but I never imagined it would not be in the hospitality industry. Believe it or not, I planned to open a bakery after finishing my bachelor's degree, I even went to culinary school, but there was another plan for me.

My best advice to others who are just starting out on their journey is to persevere. You will have to overcome various challenges and you will have setbacks (not failures) to reach your goals. As a woman of faith, I believe that if you put God first in your life, he will show you the path that fits your purpose.

As a businesswoman, I have learned that there is pressure to project a feminine sensitivity yet the ruthlessness and confidence of a Wall Street wolf. You alone have the power to choose whether the criticism of your success is constructive or allow it to take you down. My choice is contentment and confidence in who I am as an individual, a leader and a business owner.

Despite the challenges faced, Jennifer says her biggest achievement is her reputation. Against the advice of others, she does not advertise and uses social media sparingly. Every year, volume has increased thanks to the strong word of mouth from her clients and other professionals. “We are growing, scaling, and our team is expanding to create the infrastructure needed to provide future services to include medical billing, and in-house CPA and CMA services. Most recent was launching Top Shelf Services in 2019 for 280E compliance. My goals are to diversity by creating new solutions, and to create superb retirement opportunities for my team,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer is a huge proponent of staying relevant on the latest technologies, following industry trends, and continuing to learn by any means necessary. She encourages her team to challenge the ideals of what is possible and to seek creative ideas for streamlining operations, thinking that it is better to try and fail than to not try at all. “With Jenn, the proverbial box just simply does not exist with her and ‘I don’t know’ is not in her vocabulary when it comes to finding a solution. She has a tenacity that is infallible when she puts her mind to something. I believe the best form of motivation for her is to tell her that she cannot do something. That type of challenge flips a switch in her, her hair goes up, the white board comes out, and she just goes ‘for it’,” says a colleague.

Jennifer is hands down a problem-solver with an unwavering determination. She is modest when speaking about herself, but never holds back when it comes to responding to questions directed at her or when stepping up for her team and clients. She is a charismatic and strong leader who credits her accomplishments to others, notably her team and, often, her supportive husband. She believes God has given her a set of abilities to aid others and has been praised for her commitment to faith. Jennifer strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and wit to show her commitment to her business, her clients, her team, and their goals.


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Jennifer Blazer
Founder and Managing Member
BBP Services LLC



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