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Furqan Roomi Hussain
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“Delivering Timeless Quality”

Roomi Group Corp is a pioneer in the industry. Since its inception 35 years ago, the focus has been providing solutions to clients proactively. As a second-generation woodworker, the company owes its core values to its founder, the late Hafiz Wajid Hussain. His generous character and hard work ethic shaped the current CEO, Furqan Roomi Hussain. Furqan has taken the organization, with his older brother, Faisal Roomi Hussain, and best friend JD Rizvi, to record size and performance. Furqan has become the primary catalyst for moving the company towards the vision of his older brother, using positive leadership, implementation of systems, processes, and technology to focus on delivering exceptional quality.

Furqan entered the family business in 1995 as a 16-year-old, cheerful accounting coordinator. And quickly developed an eye for details and applied process management to gain respect from his family and peers. His focus on solving the company's challenges with a long-term discipline allowed others to trust in his leadership. Using IT analytics, robotics, and ingenious business policies, Furqan has successfully scaled his family business to a staggering enterprise in 2022.

Known for his soft nature and excellent manners, he is always thoughtful and seeks to lead fairly for the benefit of others. He has carefully constructed a manufacturing and construction firm which focuses on displaying integrity, accountability, and a quality centered mindset, built to serve its clients. He firmly established himself as an admired leader who places a large value on teaching and training with patience. Furqan’s talent is his willingness to listen to all the ideas in the room before providing proactive solutions through leadership. He is known to his employees as a true mentor who goes to great lengths to train on processes focused on details, which exceed client expectations.

As Roomi Group undertakes more complex projects with unique engineering challenges, Furqan is unafraid to provide solutions when others deem it impossible. His unique gifts to merge complex engineering while focused on design and quality, have earned him repeat clients for decades. His father's legacy, to do “best work” propelled Furqan to lead the company to build ‘unimpeachable’ quality at every process and product. “Quality work is not temporary; it is not a cliché. Quality work is timeless and synonymous with our growth and our reputation” says Hussain.

His no-nonsense attitude towards mediocre performance and sloppy work influences others to do their best. Often, Furqan is the first at his desk and the last one to leave. And this has earned him the respect of all his staff. Everyone works cheerfully and diligently under his stewardship to meet the quality demands placed on the company by Furqan.

In the past 15 years, Roomi Group has grown from twelve full-time employees to over 200 employees in 2022. His leadership and decisions have taken the company from a small shop to over 400,000 square foot high-tech industrial production plant. His dedication to invest in the business yearly, using robotics and automation, is a response to serving the construction industry worldwide. Today, Roomi Group is highly sought after to solve millwork needs from around the globe, which is a testament to Furqan’s leadership and quality culture. To harness the visions of expansion and leadership, Furqan Roomi Hussain relies on his MBA and BBA in Operations Management from the University of Houston. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Operations Management at the University of Houston.

Furqan’s role models are his parents. The late Hafiz Wajid Hussain and Sahira Imtiazi Hussain are the two people who helped shape him as a leader. Furqan gets his hard-work ethic from his father and balances it with his mother's keen sense of fairness and generosity. Furqan was mentored by his father to always do his best, at an early age, and it was not important to do anything but his best. And today, this core value resonates in every corner of the business. As a result, he is respected and admired for his integrity, professionalism, and sincerity.

Upon being asked what is next for Roomi Group Corp, Furqan smiled broadly and quipped, “we are expanding into the architectural metals’ galaxy!”. Adding, “we are passionate about solving the clients focused needs, which has now led us to this new investment. We have always wanted to control quality output, and now we want to invest in controlling the output of other finishes which require the same discipline. Finishes like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and other metals. We see a strong demand for high-quality products and services in this arena and are looking forward to the challenges.” Roomi Group has the support of the industry, and it is exciting to note while in midst of the investment, clients have added nearly $7.0M in preconstruction awards to Roomi Group – Metals for 2023 projects.

From serving the industry to leading talented engineers, Furqan Roomi Hussain, Faisal Roomi Hussain, and JD Rizvi of Roomi Group Corp have risen boldly to earn their place in the top Architectural Woodwork firms in the United States. As for their remarkable success, claims Hussain excitedly, “We are honored to be relied on for our expertise and intend to preserve our client-focus business model by remaining servant leaders.”


Roomi Group Corporation


Furqan Roomi Hussain
Roomi Group Corporation


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