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Positivity unlocks potential

Meteorite PR loves the outdoors and outdoor gear. We're product and lifestyle specialists. We've worked in ski, outdoor, and action-sport media for over 20 years, says Eric Henderson, Founder & CEO of Meteorite PR, LLC. We're Gen Xers with a millennial spirit, with the expertise and maturity to grow your brand with authenticity and stamina. Brand builders with a PR drive; you never know what we'll do.

Eric Henderson is noted for his product knowledge, positivity, and excitement. He has been on ski-mountaineering expeditions to Alaska; Everest, China’s Altai Mountains, and has skied many notable lines in the Tetons. As an internationally renowned outdoor marketer and communications leader, he is known for his intelligent concepts, innovative execution, and community building across numerous platforms and touch-points. He fosters client, media, and vendor ties.

Eric has been a leader in the outdoor space for more than 30 years, initially teaching leadership skills in an outdoor setting and now as a successful small business owner who has seen his staff double in size since the company’s inception. Eric thinks that positive leadership is very important. In order to reach his company's potential, he wants to work with CEOs with the same positive attitude and who value teamwork and collaboration.

Eric sees criticism as a fundamental and essential tool in his development as a small business owner. He strongly believes that criticism should be dealt with before it turns into a fight, either with his own staff or with clients. His ability to talk honestly and openly with clients and staff has always been a key part of Meteorite PR's success.

Meteorite believes strongly in the power of innovative leaders. "We have a rich history of working with clients with humble beginnings and helping them to realize the power of their ideas and become a force in the outdoor industry," says Eric. We've worked with companies that make pack rafts, coolers, instant coffee, and eco-friendly ski wax, among many other things. We've helped these companies connect with a larger audience to make the most of their ideas.

Meteorite has long been at the cutting edge of social media and content creation to showcase its clients’ products and to help each company achieve its goals. Meteorite's future looks good because we want to keep changing along with the rest of the outdoor industry and the people who make this place an important part of our diverse and inclusive natural world.

Meteorite has a lengthy history in the outdoor business and substantial media and social media ties. Meteorite's knowledge and industry connections allow it to swiftly assess client needs and the best ways to garner media attention and get results. Meteorite is cost-conscious and recognizes how important small business investments are. Eric says Meteorite has a reputation for taking small business issues into account and delivering the best solutions for the best price. He says he typically works at a cheaper price than organizations that charge three times as much.

Colorado-based MountainFLOW created an eco-friendly ski wax comprised of plant-based ingredients instead of toxic fluorinated waxes. Meteorite helped promote the company's Kickstarter campaign to accelerate growth, then helped MountainFLOW win product awards, earn prominent placement and more awards at Outdoor Retailer expos, and land the company's founder on ABC's Shark Tank, earning national media attention. When it teamed with MountainFLOW, Meteorite's eco-friendly solutions transformed the ski business. The International Ski Federation has prohibited fluorinated waxes at all of its events.

Meteorite has grown from a standard media relations agency into a full-service organization known for outdoor events. Every year, Meteorite gathers notable journalists to experience the outdoors and evaluate client products. Meteorite's customers can show off their work at the events, and it's a great chance for them to build personal relationships with media members that go beyond emails and usually lead to better results in the future.

Eric Henderson was a ski guide in Alaska before he suffered a broken neck during a skiing accident in 2008. He suffered the accident on Meteorite Peak, and he channeled the energy from that life-changing event into a new career in media relations while maintaining his connection to the outdoor industry. His story is the focus of the 2016 film From The Road is available on the YouTube.

Meteorite will continue to innovate and offer different product launch opportunities beyond the traditional public relations playbook. The company also wants to get involved with local events and take part in town halls and events where people talk to the public.


Meteorite PR


Eric Henderson
Founder & CEO
Meteorite PR


At Meteorite PR, we believe in the outdoors and the gear used to pursue experiences. We pride ourselves on being product and lifestyle experts to our core. We are the ultimate end user, and we’ve been working in ski, outdoor and action-sport media for more than two decades. Call us Gen Xers with a Millennial spirit — we’ve got the experience and maturity to build your brand with the authenticity and stamina necessary to compete in the modern, digital world. Brand builders with a passion for PR, you just never know what we’ve got up our sleeve.

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