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“Pursue your dreams to make the impossible possible”

Dr. Delgado is a solo cosmetic plastic surgeon, a difficult and demanding career. My practice strongly emphasizes patient care. Patients must feel that we put them first. We partner with our patients and teach them that they affect their outcome. As with any surgery, complications can occur and they require a skilled surgeon. Plastic surgeons excel at handling challenging situations.

Dr. Delgado always aspired to be a teacher, but he had a severe stutter. To become a professor, you must embrace public speaking. He thought of quitting medical school due to the condition, but he worked hard and graduated with honors in his first two years. Oral and case presentations dominated his third year, he was a stuttering fool. He presented a unique challenge to UCSF's medical staff, they referred him to a speech therapist, where he went weekly to talk into a tape recorder which helped him cope with stuttering.

According to Dr. Delgado, doctors grow from constructive criticism. Defensiveness is a mistake since we don't see ourselves as others do. I watch my patients carefully and avoid blaming them. I underline items the team could do better during surgery or how the patient follows instructions. He hovers over his patients, which mean the world to them.

After plastic surgery training, Dr. Delgado wanted to specialize in something off-beat. He chose gynecomastia. Men felt awkward discussing this. A Web search changed everything, he advertised gynecomastia online and in San Francisco Chronicle's sports section as, the most popular forum at the time. In 1996, he upgraded the webpage, and now is a U.S. gynecomastia expert. It's been 30 years; he has mastered gynecomastia and has developed unique procedures himself.

Dr. Delgado also aspired to be a top facelift surgeon. This involves knowing your facial arteries, nerves, muscles, etc. He learned face-lifting from top doctors and invented procedures himself. Facelifts involve eyelid and eyebrow surgery, injections to restore volume, lasers, and chemical peels. Patients should research their facelift surgeon.

Being a top cosmetic surgeon is a career milestone. Castle Connolly is a national plastic surgery award. Another recent honor is San Francisco Magazine's "Best Plastic Surgeon."

Dr. Delgado’s extensive career helped him succeed. He believes maintaining a good reputation isn’t easy. They're upgrading their office's look. He thinks patients like a modern, comfortable setting. Californians are casual. San Francisco appreciates his "old school" suit-and-tie look. He states that adding partner increases availability since he’s booked a year out.

Dr. Delgado wants to impart the wisdom that you should go your own way if you want to be successful and creative. You must have a plans and goals. If you want to succeed, you have to take risks and fail a few times first. He chased his heart's dreams and made some wrong turns along the way, but ultimately, he ended up at the perfect place.

Miguel Delgado, M.D.

440 Sutter Suite 2433

San Francisco, CA 94908



Miguel Delgado, MD


Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., MD, holds the two credentials most coveted by plastic surgeons practicing in the United States, namely certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

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