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Chuck Goodrich
President & CEO of Gaylor Electric, Inc.

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“Innovation – Education – Workforce Development”

The American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” This describes how Chuck approaches the work of Gaylor Electric – with enthusiasm! He has the energy of his convictions to keep the company stretching to provide more opportunities to more people. It is about helping people have a career that is satisfying and rewarding. It is coming to work every day and realizing that being the best is a journey with a moving finish line, and there is always room for growth and improvement. Armed with this unique ideology, Chuck takes the company to new heights.

As the Highest Performing National Contractor of Excellence, Gaylor Electric offers complete design-build electrical construction and 24/7 on-demand electrical support. Recognized by many world-renowned companies as one of the most forward-thinking organizations in the industry,Gaylor delivers consistent excellence in production, innovation, and quality to the customers they serve. Their teams of inspired employees provide an unparalleled commitment to cultivating strong business relationships, resulting in continued client loyalty.

Gaylor Electric has had the advantage of leading the industry on many fronts and the unique opportunity to look internally and truly evaluate what we need now and in the future. Partnering with strategic innovators, Gaylor sets the baselines and pushes industry technology leaders to help Gaylor and help everyone in the industry. Gaylor’s partnership with Autodesk and the new Build platform has allowed Gaylor and the entire industry to break down information silos between owners, general contractors, trade partners, architects, and engineers.

According to Chuck, the key to any innovation is measuring your progress.“Historically, our industry has largely relied on anecdotal evidence when making decisions. How can we know we have improved if we can’t measure the results? We have committed to being measurement-centric,” says Chuck. “Like all businesses, we collect vast amounts of data, and we have made an intentional effort to leverage that data. We have one of the few Business Intelligence departments in the industry.” With Tableau Software, that team’s mission is to empower users by uncovering the story their data is telling and visualizing predictive insights allowing them to mitigate emotion and fuel data-driven decisions.

The company’s approach to competition is not to view them as the enemy or focus on imitating how they do things. Gaylor accentuates their strengths based on their Cornerstone of providing Reliable Resources, Reliable Outcomes, Reliable Insights, and Genuine Care for People. “We made the strategic decision to put a concerted effort into Business Intelligence, learning all the available technology, and more importantly, if it was not available, we pioneer developing it! It has gone from me sitting with a computer savvy guy in our IS department discussing my ideas, to it becoming a department that is always stretching our capabilities.” The Gaylor Business Intelligence department has become a source for sought-after speakers for well-known tech firms at their national conferences.

Using a Bell Curve production dashboard, Gaylor took a concept often overlooked and catapulted it to the forefront of how their projects are built. Now every project member can see where they are on every project. “We can provide the vital information to know where we are and where the project is headed with craft professionals resources. Being able to have the visual representation on the dashboard enables our teams to be project leaders that influence the overall success with the other trades.”

Gaylor has earned a well-respected reputation for being an early adopter of technology advances. “We have two Innovation and Production centers, one in Indiana and one in North Carolina. These work together to provide innovative ideas through manufacturing that result in safer, time, and money-saving results on our projects,” adds Chuck. “Whenever we come up with improved or new ways to provide our electrical services, it benefits our clients. When we work more effectively and efficiently, it results in a boost to our clients getting the best possible projects.” With the current market shortages and no slowing down in the need for buildings or products, Gaylor has used various avenues to create opportunities for owners that reduce risk and give clients the ability to be at ease. The market has forever changed, and while we have all been strained with it, Gaylor has learned to adapt, and this adaptation is Gaylor’s Innovation.


Gaylor Electric, Inc.


Chuck Goodrich
President & CEO of Gaylor Electric, Inc.


"Gaylor Electric, Inc. is the highest performing national contractor of excellence, providing unequaled project delivery, company wide best in class financial performance, with inspired employees being our most valuable asset; building trust resulting in continued client loyalty."

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