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Chuck Benningfield
President & COO
McIntosh Corporation

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“Build a legacy that upholds your impact”

Chuck Benningfield is the President and COO of McIntosh Corporationa well-respected mechanical contractor in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas. With over 66 years of experience, they are financially stable and known for their expertise in using CAD technology for efficient project completion. McIntosh has in-house design teams that specialize in design-build projects and works closely with clients, engineers, architects, and construction managers. McIntosh offers a wide range of options in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades, including estimation, construction, fabrication, facility management, service, testing, and emergency services.

Chuck has devoted his life to the construction industry, drawing inspiration from his faith, family, and the legacy he’s leaving for those he loves, starting with his wife Chris, 6 children, and 13 grandchildren. Through a life of hard work, determination, and a commitment to excellence, he is driven every day to create a positive impact in the lives of others. The relationships he has formed within his company and the construction community keep him motivated to prioritize understanding and help customers achieve their goals.

The company focuses on what Chuck calls his four Ps:

Profit: Creating and ensuring a sustainable business.

People: Investing in and showing care for people will always result in positive returns.

Product: Providing unmatched expertise and exceeding customer expectations.

Process: Scaling and structuring the business, but never at the expense of the first three P’s.

Chuck approaches every opportunity with the end in mind and works backward to construct a solution. As a COO, this means empowering the right leaders, building the right teams, and considering the effects on all parties involved. When the team succeeds, it’s the leader’s job to share the accomplishments with all the stakeholders. Every part of the process comes back to relationships. As a previous business owner, he’s seen the value of collaborating with others to solve problems and create future opportunities.

“I believe that continuous improvement is crucial for every organization,” Chuck says. “The role of a general manager is to align everything with the organization's goals. Being proactive, collaborating effectively, developing relevant skills, and staying informed about the industry are all important.” This requires a high level of trust, clarity, and a commitment to holding each other to a high standard.“When giving or receiving feedback, personal conflicts should always be separated from business issues. Building trust within an organization takes time, but it is essential for receiving valuable feedback from both employees and customers.” As Chuck sees it, effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial for any successful organization.

Every president, COO, entrepreneur, or business leader must commit to developing unique skills, qualities, and experiences. Chuck views this as the commitment every strong leader has to growth.This includes continued work on decision-making, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and communication skills. Staying updated on trends, market dynamics, and new technologies is necessary, as is understanding finance and how to hire and manage strong leaders. Participating in professional development opportunities helps build a network within your industry. Improving emotional intelligence and relationship management are essential for effective leadership. Continuously assessing your strengths and weaknesses and seeking growth opportunities is important to achieve your goals.

Anyone who spends time at McIntosh will hear two quotes that characterize Chuck Benningfield’s approach each day:

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. – Wayne Gretzky"

“Show up early, become a lifelong learner, and ‘keep the main thing the main thing.’"

Change and challenge are inevitable in every aspect of life, and Chuck has experienced his fair share. It is important to remember that there is a time for both highs and lows. Chuck believes that facing problems and challenges head-on can be motivating and energizing. True leaders venture out and areenergized by a sense of purpose.

Building and retaining great team members is a central value and competitive edge for McIntosh. Their 66-year legacy of excellence comes from the ability to hire, train, retain,and champion dedicated and knowledgeable team members. Because of their commitment to growth and education, McIntoshteams work with educational institutions and unions to provide hands-on training and internships in different trades while advocating for the significance of these industries in the economy.

Because of this vision, many employees stay at McIntosh until retirement;the quality of the people and the work speaks for itself.McIntosh emphasizes collaboration, empowerment, and passion, and is known for outstanding customer service, professionalism, integrity, dedication, expertise, and commitment to safety. They actively work to enhance innovation, sustainability, and education, as well as providing support and resources for employees to succeed, such as offering an in-house chaplain to help employees improve self-awareness and stability, leading to better personal and professional lives. The company continues to achieve growth goals, and by learning and using new technologies, itexpects to further improve process and project effectiveness.

McIntosh has consistently achieved its mission of serving the community and the industry through collective experience, collaboration, and by providing the best product and customer relationships. Additionally, Chuck has led the company into a robust succession plan to ensure the longevity of their legacy for future generations.

Chuck states, “I am excited about the future of McIntosh and what I believe we can achieve. With our strong core values, dedicated group of professionals, and our effective leadership team, we have a clear path to success.”


McIntosh Corporation


Chuck Benningfield
President & COO
McIntosh Corporation


McIntosh Corporation is one of the most prominent, successful, and financially sound contractors in the region. Founded in 1957, McIntosh pioneered CAD generated, sub-assembled component installation of commercial mechanical systems to consistently provide customers with fast track project completions on time and in budget.

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