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“Focus on the needs of the customer”

Charles (Charlie) Brown has always loved helping others. He's worked in industries where foster kids' needs were met and students had an opportunity to achieve, so MJ Housing & Services was a great fit. His commitment to helping disadvantaged groups propelled him from operations coordinator to President. For him, it's aging with dignity and respect. Elderly, disabled, homeless, and suffering families, in his opinion, require assistance. These human populations need advocates, and it is not rocket science. Seniors must survive in a digital world they missed, and MJ Housing & Services increases community and resident well-being.

In a male-dominated field, Charles looks to four strong, powerful women for guidance: Madelyne Pfeiffer, owner and CEO of MJ Housing & Services; Beth Southorn, executive director of Life Steps; Tracy Ryan, executive director of Saving Sophie; and Carolyn Corvera, former CFO of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District. According to him, great leaders bring enthusiasm and constantly reinvent themselves and their organizations to be visionaries in their fields. Charles can call on them at any time and acquire the most enlightened knowledge.

Charles believes in connection and is a connector at heart. He loves connecting with people, whether it's in front of a large crowd, at a conference, at a pageant, or with friends. Bringing your closest friends to meet your work colleagues creates new friendships, says Charles. It also brings clever and creative brains together, which is a welcomed sight in any workplace.

Charles hopes MJ employees treat the company as their own. They envision an open-door policy and a unique collaborative methodology. With questions, comments, or concerns, any team member can contact any employee. Flexibility promotes trust, internal dynamics, and firm ownership. Creating systems and giving advice boosts job effectiveness, says Charles. This can be a difficult egg to crack. Not all ideas are Pulitzer-worthy, but staff input promotes morale.

Their organization prioritizes citizens over profits, and Charles considers client needs. Their administrative team is competent, diverse, intelligent, and gives meaningful advice. It is always divided across multiple states, and their goal is to increase volunteerism because several counties have both urban and rural listeners. Charles encourages the team to help with HIV/AIDS, homelessness, BLM, and breast cancer. He recommends running a 5K or a mile and volunteering. A strong sense of community is important to Charles' tribe.

Charles claims his feedback circle is never-ending and constantly improving. Charles' coach evaluates his management, leadership, and effort, and Charles can help himself shift his routine by following his suggestions. In his view, success requires embracing weaknesses and investing in oneself, which takes time and training.

Charles offers a few pieces of advice to any leader, saying to start with the end in mind. When constructing or growing something, we frequently begin at the beginning. Charles' perspective on this was altered. He now starts with the results, the final product, and then starts at the beginning and works backward. He says it's a new strategy that calls for you to think like a developer rather than a planner. In addition, he suggests being honest and open. Your staff must understand you. Keep an optimistic attitude amid terrible circumstances. Train your team, don’t just show them. It’s easy to show them the "what" and the "how," but train them to understand the "why."

According to Charles, federal operating systems will be replaced with industry-specific software. MJ Housing & Services will teach residents digital literacy, and by 2023, it aims to improve online trust. Then they'll boost financial literacy.

Digital check registers may be more productive, save time, and increase cognitive capacities. Finally, offer a wellness program where residents can dance, meditate, do chair yoga, or listen to music. Senior communities need a chorus since "music heals," he adds. Empowering the brain improves cognition, not facing a window. He hopes these far-fetched concepts will enrich a productive life.

MJ Housing & Services' purpose, values, and ideals are its basic principles. Considering possibilities will definitely matter, according to him.   Charles is learning to weigh all options. His growth depends on evaluating decisions. Charles says that with a focused person approach for our residents, our services are one-on-one, and we call this the Pfeiffer Empowerment Protocol (PEP). We empower, restore, and age-in-place our clients. He wants MJ Housing & Services to pioneer telehealth and help seniors without diplomas. He thinks that by helping them, he can make a great difference. This is MJ's way!


MJ Housing & Services


Charles (Charlie) Brown
MJ Housing & Services


MJ Housing & Services specializes in enhancing the lives of seniors and families living in affordable housing communities across the United States. We provide quality service coordination and educational programming focused on empowering our senior and disabled residents to live independently and our families to be economically self-sufficient.

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