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Bob Schlegel
Angels & Entrepreneurs

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“God's trust is self-trust.”

"Angels and Entrepreneurs" is a book that is not only a legacy for Bob Schlegel’s grandchildren but is also a book written by him as a way to motivate and inspire other prospective entrepreneurs to follow their aspirations and build successful enterprises.

Bob was raised in rural Ontario, Canada, on a small farm. Although resources were low, his parents were always willing to help anyone in need. Despite numerous near-death experiences as a child, he demonstrated early on his entrepreneurial prowess. He graduated from Wilfred Laurier University with a bachelor's degree in economics, later became a certified public accountant, and married his high school love, Myrna. Together, they established their first family business, a Texas-based chain of fifteen upscale nursing and retirement facilities. Schlegel and a business partner founded Pavestone Company in 1980 as a maker of concrete landscape paving products, which has since become the nation's top provider of concrete landscaping supplies for big box and commercial customers. The Schlegels sold both firms for a nice profit and are now involved in a vast array of new businesses and charitable projects. Their four children are also active in some of these businesses, in addition to running their own.

Reading "Angels and Entrepreneurs" will inspire you to put in the effort to achieve a greater level of success in your life and company, says Bob. Managing and building a successful business is the focus of this book, which also discusses how to handle the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. To help readers on their own entrepreneurial journey, the book will provide practical advice and real-world examples of what works and what doesn't in the world of entrepreneurship. There are many lists of techniques and tips for business success, as well as examples of professional growth that are both wise and funny, adds Bob.

Bob shares some of his philosophy for entrepreneurial success and states that you don't have to be smarter than your opponent in order to be successful as an entrepreneur and suggests being more persistent. Even if you fail, don't give up! It's crucial to keep trying to fix the problem!

Bob believes that education is the most important thing, and that the more education and experience one has, the more one's decision-making abilities will improve.

The work doesn't pay the bills; it's a lifestyle choice, says Bob. He says that if you don't enjoy what you do and have a clear goal in mind, you'll never have to go to work again. He also thinks that partnerships have the potential to be good for everyone involved.

As a business owner, Bob has learned about tenacity, risk-taking, strategic alliances, and managing a company in challenging economic circumstances. Lessons in leadership that will help you and your family develop a legacy for future generations to be proud of, says Bob.

As Bob has experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, there have been "angels" in his life who have guided him and helped him overcome obstacles. Bob says that positive thinking and prayer are like the power of the angel in his life.

About Angels & Entrepreneurs

Bob Schlegel grew up on a struggling family farm, and like his entrepreneurial father, he took charge of his destiny by starting his own businesses—often more than one at a time. He and his wife Myrna partnered together in their early endeavors and raised a family of entrepreneurs. Their diverse startups included a chain of fifteen superior nursing and retirement centers, as well as the nation’s leading manufacturer of paving stones and landscaping materials. Though they faced substantial challenges and even near-bankruptcy, they persevered and built highly profitable enterprises with the help of “angels”—both earthly and heavenly. Bob shares his experiences—his failures as well as his successes—with the goal of inspiring others to start their own businesses.


Angels & Entrepreneurs


Bob Schlegel
Angels & Entrepreneurs


Bob Schlegel was raised on a small farm in rural Ontario. Resources were limited, but his loving parents were always quick to share with others in need. Despite at least two near-death experiences as a child, including a broken neck and being mauled by two Great Danes, he proved to be a natural-born entrepreneur at a young age.

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