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“Gratitude is always recognized”

Alyssa Perry, Vice President of Community Partnerships, gives insight on Carrington College and San Joaquin Valley College, two of the educational establishments that are owned and run by San Joaquin Valley College, Inc. Ember Education provides administrative and business services to both of these educational establishments.

In everything that she does, Alyssa prioritizes the well-being of the students at their institution, and she inspires the other members of the teams to do the same. It is crucial for them to reflect on their work in order to evaluate the influence that it is having on their students, the employers that they work for, and the communities that they serve.

Alyssa places a high value on ensuring that the members of her team have the opportunity to exercise their creative faculties. The resolution of issues might take place either in a collaborative setting or on an individual level.

As a leader, it is her job to make sure that every member of the team has the tools, training, and experience they need to solve a problem. They should also feel confident and know that she is there to help them if they need more guidance or support.

Alyssa makes it a practice to talk with every member of her team on a regular basis in order to determine the kind of development they are interested in and the steps that can be implemented right away to assist them in achieving their professional objectives. It's crucial for her to understand the roles in which each member finds the greatest satisfaction, because not all of them will want to switch positions.

Alyssa works with employers to discover how they can meet their needs through higher education. These needs include employee retention, up-skilling, and filling unfilled positions. Education can help people find ways to save money, get access to resources, and move up in the workforce, she adds.

Both Ember Education and the colleges employ Strategy Maps to ensure that their goals are in line with their vision and mission. Within each of their goals, they have a variety of measurements and targets to make sure they keep putting the most effort on the things they have decided are most important as they work toward their long-term goals.

SJVCi is a business that is owned and run by a family. According to Alyssa, when you begin working for SJVCi, you immediately become a member of the SJVCi family, and you join other members of the SJVCi family in their efforts to improve the lives of people all around the country. We get to see their smiles and hear their stories about how the education they received at our schools impacted their lives. It is the most rewarding and best part of what we do, adds Alyssa.

Alyssa offers some advice to aspiring business owners, telling them that they will always feel unprepared for a new venture but that they should have faith in their capacity to be successful as long as they pay attention to each step of the process. The achievement of the end goal will only be as satisfying as the standard of the work done along the way. Accept the fact that you won't have all the answers, and be modest enough to connect with those who can offer assistance. The greatest potential for personal development can be found in overcoming obstacles. When you’re most challenged, be thankful!

Alyssa, who is a member of the third generation of their family-owned and-operated business, has high hopes that Ember will maintain its track record of success in providing assistance to colleges in the performance of community service. They alter the lives of their pupils, as well as the lives of their families, employers, and those that they assist as a result of delivering education. She says that Ember makes it possible for colleges to focus on their main goal, which is to teach.

Alyssa believes in working for doing good of others and adds that gratitude never goes unnoticed!


Ember Education


Alyssa Perry
VP of Community Partnerships
Ember Education


San Joaquin Valley College prepares graduates for professional success by offering Baccalaureate and Associate of Science Degrees and Certificates of Completion in business, medical and technical career fields. The College serves a diverse student population with a common interest in professional development through career-focused higher education. The College is committed to student development through the achievement of measurable learning outcomes, emphasizing a balance of hands-on training and academic instruction. The College identifies and responds to the educational and employment needs of the communities it serves. The College is committed to the success of every student.

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