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A.J. Hanna
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“It’s a win-win-win"

A.J. Hanna, CEO of Prepay Nation, is a pioneer and a true “O G” when it comes to reinventing financial services for the 21st century. According to A.J., rapidly analyzing a situation and formulating the right strategy to execute is the key to his success. Building strong teams and developing the relevant products and services for partners and consumers insures a win-win-win outcome, every time. Our Partners win through better profit margins and higher customer retention, their customers win because of ubiquitous access and competitive pricing, and Prepay Nation wins because of consistent growth and satisfied customers. A.J. and his team are deeply committed to exceeding their partners’ and customers’ expectations. At Prepay Nation, "We go above and beyond to ensure that our partners are supported 24/7." He says, "Our clients, who include Global Brands, large distribution networks and e-commerce platforms, expect us to deliver superior products and support so they in turn can engage and delight their customers”. " Prepay Nation is a market leader in everything prepaid and cross-border micro payments”, continues A.J

AJ is an entrepreneurial, visionary executive who excels at identifying unique opportunities and building the right strategies, organizations and products to capitalize on them, delivering strong market, financial and operational results.

“We value and empower our team to solve problems and seize opportunities. We reward our team members for taking chances and learning new skills. As a leader, you are inspiring, motivating and accountable to the people and organizations you lead. Model the way and give people an opportunity to shine. People will always surprise you and exceed your expectations when given a chance. Be crystal clear about what you are communicating to the organization and to specific individuals. Create a comfortable environment for asking questions and avoid criticism.”, says A. J.


As a mentor, advisor and investor in many fintech start-ups, I help entrepreneurs refine their products, market entry strategies, global expansion, commercial partnerships, and raise capital. I guide entrepreneurs through honest and direct feedback, to help them avoid common mistakes like being too committed to their concept and lacking a reality check.

My basic criteria for evaluating a potential startup are: the big idea, what problem is being solved or legacy business disrupted. Who is the team behind the idea. What types of IP, technology, or algorithms are being used to differentiate and grow the business, and how much money is needed to scale.

In 2004, I made my first fintech investment. It was impulsive and I didn’t know much about the space but was eager to learn. I invested $10,000 as an angel investor. This experience earned me the equivalent of an MBA and taught me a lot about what to invest in. My investments now range from telehealth, lending, mobile wallets, remote shoppers, crypto, blockchain, insuretech, marketplaces and prepaid.

Prepay Nation is a Global B2B prepaid marketplace, powered by a state of the art technology platform. We enable Brands such as Mobile Operators, Streaming and Gaming services, Utility companies and anything prepaid to distribute and sell their products and services through our marketplace and thousands of connected distribution partners around the world.

Customers can easily top-up their account or the account of friends and family anywhere in the world though one of our connected partners. Through a single API, our seamless, simple-to-implement fintech hub provides access to thousands of prepaid digital products in our marketplace. Our technology is designed to be agile, with real-time transactions, including payment acceptance and settlement in several currencies.

We are always eager to win new business and go after the biggest deals with a sense of urgency. Our aim is for a win-win-win outcome (for our partners, their consumers, and Prepay Nation). We are closely watching global market trends and how they might impact our business and our partners' customers, trying to anticipate their needs and proactively responding. We are expanding our services into crypto, rewards, loyalty, super apps, and non-governmental organizations. These verticals have huge potential and we are continually improving our technology in analytics, cybersecurity, AI, and blockchain to deliver better and faster services.

The pandemic outbreak impacted many of our mobile operator partners. Due to the lockdowns and their high dependency on retail distribution networks, their customers couldn't top up their phones. For some Operators, Prepay Nation created dedicated websites and digital apps in days, allowing subscribers to top up their phones from the comfort of their homes, and enabled friends and relatives living abroad to top-up users’ accounts remotely, from anywhere.

The mass migrations due to natural disasters, pandemics, and civil unrest have all increased the need for humanitarian groups to reach out to the most vulnerable migrants. Prepay Nation has granted various humanitarian organizations free access to their proprietary top-up system, allowing them to help millions of displaced refugees. With real-time access to over 600 mobile operators in 150 countries, aid organizations can assist millions of refugees anywhere in the world with a critical lifeline, so they can stay connected to the people and activities they care about most.

“It's a new world out there, and with new frontiers such as Space and the metaverse, Prepay Nation's global marketplace and technology hub are uniquely positioned to become the preferred gateway for helping brands engage with customers, anytime from anywhere by keeping them connected to the people and activities they care about the most.” says A.J.


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A.J. Hanna
Prepay Nation


With more than 600 mobile operator partnerships in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa and a varied distribution channel spanning over 250,000 locations in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East, Prepay Nation is a rapidly growing fintech company that facilitates the transfer of mobile airtime and data across international borders. Prepay Nation operates an efficient flexible, market-leading platform that helps its partners increase customer base and revenues.

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